Enhancing IVF Success with LifeGlobal™ single-step medium

Enhancing IVF Success with LifeGlobal™ single-step medium

A Lab Director’s testimonial of CooperSurgical® embryo culture medium.

In the field of assisted reproductive technology, advancements are continually shaping the landscape of fertility treatments. LifeGlobal™ was the first original single-step media that became commercially available and our customers are claiming that our innovation helps to optimize IVF success.

Customers such as Hakan Yelke, Lab Director at Istanbul Memorial Sisli Hospital IVF Unit. In a recent interview, he shared insights into some of the transformative benefits his clinic has experienced with this particular embryo culture medium

Watch the video interview below:

Key themes from this LifeGlobal™ single-step medium testimonial:

Consistency in Embryo Development
In the early 2000s, Hakan’s team faced challenges with fluctuating outcomes using sequential media.
However, since adopting LifeGlobal media in 2004, Hakan has stated that he has seen increased consistency in embryo and blastocyst development.

Reliable Results and Enhanced Expectations
The transition to LifeGlobal single-step medium marked a pivotal moment for Hakan’s team, helping to reduce the uncertainties associated with previous media. With LifeGlobal, they achieved not only consistent results but also surpassed expectations in blastocyst development.

Streamlined Processes and Efficient Shipment
Beyond the laboratory, Hakan highlights the logistical advantages facilitated by CooperSurgical, thanks to the streamlining of the shipment process, ensuring the integrity of the media during transit. Unlike previous experiences marred by temperature fluctuations, the standardized shipment process increased confidence in the preservation of media quality and ultimately more efficient lab workflows.

Responsive Support and Scientific Expertise
In addition to the technical merits of LifeGlobal products, Hakan emphasizes the invaluable support and scientific expertise provided by CooperSurgical, as well as their direct response to queries.

We would like to thank Hakan Yelke, and the team at Istanbul Memorial Sisli Hospital, for taking the time to share invaluable feedback on their experience of working with CooperSurgical.

Enhancing IVF Success with LifeGlobal™ single-step medium 1
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