In today’s busy laboratories, downtime due to equipment failure is not an option. CooperSurgical offers a range of contract options to suit your needs, including contracts providing preventative maintenance and repair service, reliable access to spare parts, product training and online handling of service requests.

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Equipment you can rely on

Helping you focus on your core business

You need confidence that your equipment will not let you down. Regular maintenance and servicing will help ensure you are always ready to go.

We will work with you to make sure every piece of equipment is functioning to the best possible standards.

As a CooperSurgical Service Plan holder you can have 100% confidence in the level of  service and quality of parts you will receive

Setting the standards in service

Our Service Engineers measure up to the highest professional standards. In practice, this means working to four operational commitments:

  • Product knowledge: Our global network of CooperSurgical certified Service Engineers undertake in-depth training and regular follow up testing in everything from product features and technicalities to administrative tools and customer relationship training. To be a CooperSurgical Service Engineer requires commitment to ongoing attainment in technical and practical knowledge.
  • Spare parts: With a globally stocked spares inventory, we ensure that CooperSurgical Service Engineers have access to the correct stock of spare parts and the latest software patches. For our customers, this means that most problems can be resolved on the spot. If, for some reason, we don’t have what’s needed to rectify the issue, we can get it to you in the shortest possible time.
  • Peace of mind: Through annual preventative maintenance and servicing, our Service Engineers will keep your equipment in the best working order. Should an unexpected breakdown occur, we are there for you. Our dedicated First Line Support Engineers are easily contactable and backed up by a mobile field team.
  • Customer care and continuity: Every action taken is tracked and managed by our customer care system. For you, this means that our team will always be informed of your circumstances whenever you contact us, saving you time on the phone or at your computer explaining your issue.
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Service options

  1. Installation Services: Getting you set up and ready to leverage your investment.
  2. Uptime Services: Keeping your equipment at top performance and achieve highest uptime.
  3. Education/ Professional Services: Services to help you maximize your product investment.
  4. Lifecycle solutions Keeping your equipment up to date and at peak condition.

Service Options Specifications




Service visits


Length of contract

One Year
One Year
One Year

Emergency callout


Additional callout discount rate


Discount off parts required


Email support within one working day

One telephone number for all aftersales calls

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The extended service coverage for those who want further peace of mind.

In addition to the Silver Plan you will benefit from one additional emergency callout and a 30% discount on additional callouts and necessary spare parts.


Ideal for the busy IVF laboratory who require on-site support reassurance.

The Silver Plan offers one emergency callout in addition to the Bronze Plan. You will also benefit from a 20% discount on additional callouts and necessary spare parts.


This contract is designed for those customers who wish to keep their equipment in optimum condition.

During an annual visit, our CooperSurgical Fertility Service Engineer not only services your equipment, but addresses any minor problems you may not have noticed before they escalate – helping to ensure your equipment has a long and trouble free life. Bronze contract holders are also able to take advantage of a 10% discount on the cost of additional callouts and necessary spare parts.

Additional annual service visit

Under the Silver and Gold coverage, it is possible to arrange an additional on-site service visit, using one of your emergency call-out credits. This would be suitable if you prefer to service only some of the equipment at a time, to facilitate activity planning and to minimize disruption.

Fertility Equipment Customer Support



Technical Service and Repairs

As both the manufacturer and distributor of our products, we are the most qualified facility capable of repairing the equipment we sell and restoring it to its original specifications. When service and/or repair are complete, your product will meet all performance criteria for – and pass all acceptance tests of – the original equipment.

Medical Devices Service and Repairs Request:

For all medical device service and repairs requests, you can use the online chat functionality of our website located in the lower right corner of your screen.

Or please download, fill out and return the Repair Authorization Form with the product you are returning for service.

Have a concern with one of our products or services?

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