QA/QC CME on The “ART” of Laboratory Management

QA/QC CME on The “ART” of Laboratory Management
QAQC CME on The ART of Laboratory Management

CooperSurgical Fertility Solutions organized a successful CME program on The “ART” of Laboratory Management on 21st September, 2022.

The event emphasized on the significance of the KPIs’ in an IVF Lab which was thoroughly engaging for the participating embryologists.

The program had lectures on various interesting topics such as the QC SOPs’ in an IVF Lab by structuring it around the QC framework of a diagnostic Lab, the process of monitoring the Lab KPIs’ & the importance of RI Witness today in an IVF Lab more so after the advent of the ART Bill which was presented by our global faculty Ms. Rachel Chin.

The sessions were also followed by a live demo for RI witness which was one of the key highlights of the highly successful program.

QAQC CME on The ART of Laboratory Management-1
QAQC CME on The ART of Laboratory Management-2
QAQC CME on The ART of Laboratory Management-3

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