Carter-Thomason® II Port Site Closure System

The Carter-Thomason® II Port Closure System is intended to pass suture through soft tissues of the body during endoscopic/laparoscopic surgery.

Product codes

ProductOrder Code
(1) Suture Passer, (1) 10/12 mm Suture Guide (5 Systems/Box)CTI-1012P
(1) Suture Passer, (1) 10/12 mm Suture Guide, (1) 15 mm Suture Guidexa0(5 Systems/Box)CTI-1015P
(1) XL Suture Passer, (1) 10/12 mm XL Suture Guide, (1) 15 mm XL Suture Guidexa0(3 Systems/Box)CTXL-P

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