ICSI Fertilization Products and Resources

ICSI Fertilization Products and Resources

Optimize your processes for denudation, fertilization and user comfort

Products created by CooperSurgical fertility companies work in harmony with one another.
Covering every stage of fertilization, you can streamline your work and achieve the best possible results.

Optimize your laboratory workflow with an integrated solution for ICSI

Advantages of an integrated solution:

  • Upgrade your skill level and train with our experienced team of embryologists
  • Reduce the time taken to carry out procedures by using intelligently designed products
  • Remove the worries of compatibility issues between products
  • Individualize your set-up by choosing from an extensive portfolio with products to suit any embryologist’s needs

Key benefits of using our products for ICSI in the ART laboratory

Integra 3™ micromanipulator – Thermosafe™ warm air technology keeps samples at optimum temperature

Micropipettes – ICSI micropipettes to cover any user preference

Handling devices and pipette tips – easy, comfortable and safe denudation

RI Witness™ – ensures patient samples are tracked through the lab

Media and Oil – for optimal gamete support during procedures

Workstations – maintains a clean environment and stable temperatures

Committed to every aspect of Fertilization

Every lab is unique and so are the practitioners. We understand the processes, the variables and considerations at each stage. Together we can find the ideal solution for you, your lab and your team.

Oocyte Denudation

We offer media specifically designed to facilitate the preparation of gametes prior to ICSI. They are one-cell fresh mouse embryo quality controlled, resulting in consistent product quality and reliability that helps enhance success rates.

Our Hyaluronidase remains a popular choice for oocyte denudation. However, for challenging and extra special cases we offer ICSI Cumulase® which is the only denudation media that uses human recombinant hyaluronidase. It is purer than bovine or ovine proteins typically used in oocyte denudation products.

The Stripper® and EZ-Range offer a complete selection of denudation and handling tips, as well as pipettor handles to offer you both comfort and ease-of-use.

ICSI Micropipettes

When optimizing the ICSI procedure, it is important to choose the exact microtool best suited to your needs. With the most comprehensive range of micropipettes in the market, we are able to cater to any preference.

By choosing ORIGIO, TPC or RI micropipettes, you can be sure that your tools meet the highest possible quality and consistency. Made from borosilicate glass, each individual micropipette we produce is rigorously checked before leaving the factory.


To help ICSI become routine and standardized, our hardware is uniquely designed to work together. The Integra 3 micromanipulator is ergonomic and comfortable to use, ensuring samples are kept at the optimal temperature.

Our Saturn 5™ laser pulse times ensure the lowest amount of heat reaches the oocyte, thereby lowering possible risk of thermal damage. The software they use is compatible with one another – including the RI Witness system, which monitors the security of patient samples.

Our RI SAS™ and SAS-SE™ Air Syringes and SOS™ Oil Syringe, for micro-injection and micro-aspiration have also been specially designed for injecting sperm accurately and with ease.

Supporting Equipment

To ensure your samples are protected during the ICSI procedure, choose a workstation from the K-Systems and ORIGIO range. Our workstations are designed to high quality specifications in order to provide a high-functioning yet comfortable work area and some are fully compatible with the RI Witness technology.

Acting as an ART management system, RI Witness provides security and tracking for your gametes and embryos, helping to prevent potential mismatches or protocol errors in the lab.

Achieving high fertilization rates: Keys to a good ICSI

Minimize the time oocyctes spend out of the incubator

Time is of the essence when preparing oocytes for ICSI. Consumables should have simple, easy-to-open packaging to avoid time wastages. Equipment should be designed for easy setup, and optimized for quick and efficient handling and operation.

The Integra 3 micromanipulator reduces procedure time without compromising on precision:

  • Unique rapid microtool setup
  • Compatible with all brands of micropipettes
  • Avoids uneven heating using Thermosafe™ warm air technology

Select sperm with high DNA integrity

Visual assessment of sperm morphology and mobility is not always an accurate indicator of sperm quality. A more reliable assessment can be made by immobilizing and selecting sperm through their binding to hyaluronan (HA), as only mature sperm (i.e. those with high DNA integrity) have HA receptors.

We offer state-of-the-art andrology products utilizing HA-binding for improved sperm selection for ICSI:

  • HBA® Assay: A qualitative assessment of sperm quality, maturity, and fertilizing potential
  • SpermSlow™: One step immobilization and selection of mature sperm for ICSI without the use of PVP
  • PICSI® dish: Convenient, and easy to use, with HA microdots for optimal sperm selection

Reduce physical stress to oocyctes

Oocyte denudation procedures should be as gentle as possible, whilst still being effective.

Microtools designed to reduce the risk of oocyte lysis and minimize the amount of ooplasm drawn back should be selected.

High-quality ICSI micropipettes with a small diameter are recommended to create a small entry point without tearing.

Products from our fertilization range are designed to minimize stress to gametes during ICSI:

  • EZ-Tip® and Stripper pipettes: For gentle oocyte denudation and handling
  • ICSI Cumulase: The only denudation media on the market with human recombinant hyaluronidase
  • ORIGIO, TPC and RI micropipettes: With carefully designed geometry and options to suit any protocol and workflow

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