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Streamline and automate your entire cryopreservation billing process

Embryo Options® is an automated cryo-storage billing management platform for improved revenue collection and inventory transparency, with dynamic billing options and extensive patient support.


Patient enrolls to autopay cryo-storage bills online via Embryo Options


Patient gains access to a secure online educational portal


Patient explores disposition options and valuable resources to make a decision


Patient downloads informed consents and providers are notified when needed to offer further assistance


IVF center records when patient completes disposition in IVF center admin portal to disable auto-billing


Automated Cryo-Storage Billing

Cryo-storage billing software with an easy-to-use online patient payment portal that enables flexible payment options to increase billing frequencies and clinic revenue.

Automatic payment status notifications to help clinic management reduce administrative hours and labor costs.


Financial Clinic Overview

Easy to navigate dashboard with comprehensive clinic overview of the cryo-storage patient registry and an accurate collection rate.

Detailed financial reporting, analytics, and active transparency into inventory to improve disposition management.


Patient Engagement

Extensive online patient resources on disposition options for enhanced decision-making plus access to Embryo Options Donor Embryo Coordinator (DEC) portal to increase patient IVF opportunities.

Ready-to-use online consent forms directed to patient’s fertility clinic to ensure legal paper trail and support clinic compliance. Email notifications and updates for consistent and ongoing patient contact to improve patient-clinic communication.

Over 375,000
patient users

Embryo Options services patients in the United States, Canada and Australia.
Coming soon to the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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Batch Certificates

Use this tool to enter your batch number and download the corresponding certificate of analysis.

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We offer a range of contract options to suit your needs: preventative maintenance and service, reliable access to spare parts, product training, and online handling of service requests.

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