Sharing My Story Because It is not a shame to share infertility issues  

Su Hwee Foo, Financial Controller AUS, CooperSurgical, shared with us her infertility journey this #NIAW2024 

My friend used to tell me, “You better be quick, to be a mum, the clock is ticking!” At the time, I didn’t really care. I only came to realize what it meant when I was told I have infertility issues.  

My husband and I were very naïve when we started the first in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle. After the first cycle failed, we rested for almost a year before deciding to start the second cycle, which failed again. Third cycle, fourth cycle, fifth cycle…IVF, ICSI, intrauterine insemination (IUI)…we tried all treatments. The journey was far from ending. 

Going through all the steps of the IVF process and answering phone call after phone call from the clinic was mentally stressful, especially when the cycle failed, or the progress was not up to expectation. It was a whirlwind of ups and downs, with more heartbreaking downs than ups.  

One of the moments I remember being most difficult was having to do injections, they were a nightmare for me. I still remember my hand was shaking so much that I dropped the needle for the first injection. This is one of my regular jokes now when I share my stories with others.  

When each cycle failed, the emotion was overwhelming. My husband and I would have to re-think and plan what we would do next. It was very difficult for us as we had to bring ourselves out of sadness, but we were uncertain whether the new cycle would be successful. We even thought, maybe we should just accept the fact that we won’t have kids.  

We shared our infertility journey with friends & family who always encouraged us to keep trying and who shared many successful stories with us. We were grateful for their love and support as we continued to navigate the journey.  

In 2018, we decided to do the last ICSI cycle. We were cautious not to build up too much hope so that we weren’t left with bitter disappointment. It was a very mixed feeling! Then our miracle happened, and it was a successful cycle: my little prince had come. He is a blessing baby that everyone loves. Now I believe, “no try, no hope!” 

I have been very transparent in sharing my IVF journey. I love sharing with other couples who are in a similar situation. It is not a shame to share infertility issues. When you start sharing, you may realize that many people may have the same issues and they will be able to share their experience, too. Sharing is caring…the people that love you will always be with you.  

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