Navigating the Roller Coaster of IVF: A Journey of Hope, Resilience, and Advocacy

Laura Muri, Director, Customer Success Management, CooperSurgical, shares her own infertility journey this #NIAW2024 

Navigating the Roller Coaster of IVF: A Journey of Hope, Resilience, and Advocacy 1

The journey began in 2014 when my husband and I made the decision to start a family. Little did we know the obstacles that would lie ahead. Despite being just 30 years old, I soon discovered that we needed assistance starting a family due to an ovulatory disorder I had. Our journey led us to a fertility clinic, and in September 2017, we embarked on our first round of IVF. Despite being reassured that my youth would make the process easier, we encountered setbacks, including failed transfers and a miscarriage. 

While it often felt like we were navigating through a dark cave, we persevered through multiple rounds of IVF, each with its own challenges and disappointments. But amidst the darkness, we found glimmers of hope and resilience. By April 2018, feeling defeated but determined, my husband and I took control of our journey; we sought out new perspectives, changed doctors, and devised a new game plan. Our persistence paid off when we welcomed our son in March 2019, followed by a pregnancy without IVF in 2020, blessing us with two precious boys. 

My husband and I were fortunate to have an extra embryo safe in storage, which we recently used in 2023. Unfortunately, that last embryo resulted in another failed transfer, and we have decided to close this chapter on further building our family.  

Throughout our journey, I’ve come to realize the importance of advocating for myself and seeking support. Joining a support group became a lifeline, providing solace and understanding amidst the challenges of infertility treatment. Recognizing the need for ongoing support, I now act as a mentor in my support group, offering guidance and empathy to others facing similar struggles. 

Reflecting on my journey, I recognize how many surprises there were and how many lessons we learned along the way. We must destigmatize infertility and foster open dialogue about assisted reproductive technologies. By sharing my story, I hope to inspire and support others on their fertility journey, reminding them that they are not alone. 

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