Fertility & Birth

The CooperSurgical® portfolio offers effective solutions that support clinical efficiency and engaged and supported patients. All to conceive, deliver, and protect healthy babies. 

Fertility & Birth

Our portfolio of offerings spans a variety of innovative and clinically relevant medical devices, products, and services, including genetic testing, for every step in the fertility journey.

Donor Egg and Sperm

When patients are looking for options to build their family, CooperSurgical can help them reach their goals with high quality egg and sperm donors and one of the world’s largest and most diverse donor catalogs.

California Cryobank®

The #1 Sperm Bank in the U.S.

Donor Egg Bank USA™

An Expert in Egg Vitrification.

Assisted Reproductive Technology

Our innovative portfolio of IVF products and services, including media, devices, equipment, reproductive genomics, cryo storage, and logistics, gives fertility healthcare providers high quality solutions for every step of the IVF journey.

Core Cryolab

Comprehensive IVF shipping solutions.

Embryo Options

The Complete Cryo-Management Solution

ER -CompleteSM Test

3-in-1 test for optimal endometrium and embryo transfer.


A range of workstations, incubators and supporting equipment designed for IVF laboratories.


The pioneer and leader in 1-Step media for embryo culture.


Origio’s innovative approach quickly positioned it as one of the leaders in the global IVF Media market.

PGT-CompleteSM Test

Our four in one genetic test.

Research Instruments™

Confidence, Efficiency and Trust.


Vitrification Solutions.


A range of ICSI, Holding, Biopsy, and Hatching and Dissection micropipettes


Wallace catheter was used in the first successful IVF treatment and remains the most popular catheter worldwide.

Newborn Stem Cells

CooperSurgical represents the top recommended newborn stem cell preservation company by OB/GYNs and the #1 choice of parents.

Cord Blood Registry® (CBR®)

#1 Recommended by OB/GYNs

Labor & Delivery

Be ready when the time comes with CooperSurgical’s technology for obstetrical care and labor and delivery procedures.

Fetal Pillow®

An effective solution for delivering a deeply impacted fetal head.

INSORB® Absorbable Skin Stapler

The rapid, cosmesis-proven, skin closure solution.


Optimizing your processes can help you improve your patients’ outcomes.


Integrated Embryo Culture Solutions

Creating the optimal environment for human embryology procedures You can create a complete and bespoke culture system using our equipment…


ICSI Fertilization Products and Resources

Optimize your processes for denudation, fertilization and user comfort Products created by CooperSurgical fertility companies work in harmony with one…


Embryo Biopsy

The full solution for efficient and effective biopsy procedures Why choose CooperSurgical companies for your biopsy solution? Our experience working…



Electronic Witnessing: The Why, the How, the Future

This comprehensive webinar discusses the complete ART lab perspective around electronic witnessing; including the reasons why clinics are adopting electronic…


Considerations for implementing PICSI in an IVF lab

A CooperSurgical stand talk by Louise Duncalf PhD from The Hewitt Fertility Centre, Liverpool. Discover how this IVF lab has…

Journal Club – Thoughts on the popularity of ICSI

This Journal Club is a review of the development, current and possible future applications of intracytoplasmic sperm injection and related…

Our Trusted Brands

California Cryobank®

The #1 sperm bank in the U.S. with a diverse donor catalog.

Cord Blood Registry® (CBR®)

Helping to grow and protect families through reproductive, newborn stem cell, genetic screening, and healthcare technology services.

Donor Egg Bank USATM

The #1 egg bank in the U.S.

ER-CompleteSM Test

3-in-1 test identifying the right time and right environment for embryo transfer.

Fetal Pillow®

An effective solution for delivering a deeply impacted fetal head.


The rapid, cosmesis-proven, skin closure solution.

PGT-CompleteSM Test

Our PGT-CompleteSM Test provides a new standard of care with our most clinically comprehensive insights.

RI WitnessTM System

Pioneers in electronic witnessing.

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