Cord Blood Registry® (CBR®)

Fertility & Birth

#1 Recommended by OBGYNs2

CBR is the most recommended facility by OB/GYNs in the industry.2 Cord blood stem cells can be used as part of a stem cell transplant to help rebuild the immune system for certain cancers, blood and immune system disorders, and metabolic contitions.3

The largest family newborn stem cell preservation company1

CBR is the #1 choice of parents for newborn stem cell preservation1 for their children and their future health.

1. Internal data on file.
2. Blind survey, Egg Strategy, 10/19, funded by CBR.
3. Mayani, H., Wagner, J.E. & Broxmeyer, H.E. Cord blood research, banking, and transplantation: achievements, challenges, and perspectives. Bone Marrow Transplant 55, 48–61 (2020).

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