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Our Professional Education Team is comprised of a group of experts with one goal in mind; to provide experiential learning and educational opportunities to medical professionals on the safe use of our products to enhance patient care.

A multitude of programs are offered depending on the category of the education.

Surgical Technique Video Reference Library



Considerations for implementing PICSI in an IVF lab

A CooperSurgical stand talk by Louise Duncalf PhD from The Hewitt Fertility Centre, Liverpool. Discover how this IVF lab has…

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Journal Club – Thoughts on the popularity of ICSI

This Journal Club is a review of the development, current and possible future applications of intracytoplasmic sperm injection and related…


The Past, Present and Future of PGT-M

This insightful PGT-M focused symposium led by our genomics experts Tony Gordon, Kristine McWilliams and Cristopher Weier, takes us through…

Global Training Courses

Listen to our Fertility Insights series

Through knowledge-sharing, we aim to encourage continued innovation in the field of assisted reproductive technology, and we are delighted to work with a global network of scientific leaders, embryologists and clinical training experts.

We are excited to bring conversations with these experts to you, sharing their scientific insights.


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Ultrapure Water in Culture Media: Definitions and Standards

Introduction Water is the foundation of media used for mammalian cell culture and assisted reproductive technologies – its purity is…


pH in Medically Assisted Reproduction Procedures:Its Importance, Measurement and Control

Summary The intracellular pH (pHi) of gametes and embryos is modulated by a number of systems and, in human oocytes…



Introduction Cryopreservation is integral to providing a safe, efficient, and comprehensive clinical service in assisted reproduction, encouraging elective single embryo…


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The Story Behind the Art: Our Watercolorist’s Journey to Motherhood

Throughout the new website, you’ll see beautiful watercolor paintings that truly capture the essence of our mission. These vibrant, warm depictions of…


Exploring Genomics in Reproductive Medicine

A Conversation with Clinical Science Specialist, Chelsea Woody In this interview, CooperSurgical’s Chelsea Woody, who specializes in genomics within Reproductive…


Denmark’s Fertility Landscape Transforms Once Again: A Promising Future for ART Clinics

In the latest transformative shift, on January 1st 2024, the Prime Minister took to the public stage, announcing that subsidies…

ART Scientific Newsletters


ART Scientific Newsletter: The BIG FREEZE – Latest trends in oocyte vitrification

Introduction Human oocyte cryopreservation (OC) has gained immense popularity in the last decade. Post removal of the experimental label of…


ART Scientific Newsletter: Optimizing Therapeutic Sperm Washing Medium

Optimizing Therapeutic Sperm Washing Medium: Why are there clear differences in sperm progression and velocity between products? There are numerous…


ART Scientific Newsletter: IVF Culture Media – Is It Time To Go Back To Basics?

Introduction Some of us will still remember the ‘good old days’ when, every two weeks, we would neatly line up…

Medical Affairs

Working Together to Advance Healthcare

CooperSurgical’s Medical Affairs team aims to promote high quality, patient-centered care by providing impactful educational content; supporting evidence generation through partnered research programs, investigator-initiated studies and medical education grants; and engaging thought leaders interested in scientific exchange, innovation and peer-to-peer education.

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Visit our Virtual IVF Clinic

Explore our virtul IVF clinic to see how our products and services can help raise standards and assist data driven decision making through our innovative solutions and science-based educational, training and materials for fertility professionals and patients.

Visit our virtual laboratories to see how we can support your clinical processes from andrology through to vitrification and advances in cryopreservation and genetic testing. We hope you enjoy the CooperSurgical IVF clinic experience.  

Learn more at CooperInsights

At CooperSurgical Medical Affairs, we know that clinical knowledge and expertise is the most important factor in providing high-quality, patient-centric care. To give OB/GYNs the knowledge they need to provide their patients with the highest level of care possible we created CooperInsights, a comprehensive collection of clinical insights for all OB/GYN practices and physicians. Register for CooperInsights, you’ll receive valuable OB/GYN educational resources from obstetrics and gynecology videos to webinars and podcasts.

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