SAGE Vitrification Warming Procedure (CE) ART-8031

SAGE Vitrification Warming Procedure (CE) ART-8031

You will need the pre-warmed media, dishes, dispensing pipettor with tips, a pipetting device for handling the oocytes or embryos and timer.

Note that all the steps are performed at 37°C. dishes and media should be pre-warmed to ensure 37°C is maintained.

First, prepare the dishes.
Dispense a 500µL drop of 0.5M Sucrose Warming Solution (0.5M WS) into a well.

Dispense 2 x 250µL drops of MOPS Solution (MS) into wells.
Dispense a minimum of 500µL 1M Sucrose Warming Solution (1M WS) into your preferred dish.
Prepare the cryodevice for warming, checking the label and witnessing.
Quickly transfer the device to 1M WS; the specimen(s) should be located and moved to 0.5M WS after 1 minute.

Transfer the specimen(s) to the 0.5M WS for 3 minutes.
Transfer the specimen(s) to the first drop of MS for 5 minutes.
Transfer the specimen(s) to the second drop of MS for 5 minutes.

Finally, transfer the specimen(s) to your preferred culture medium and place in the incubator

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