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We look forward to connecting with fertility professionals from around the globe to interact and exchange knowledge that can help drive advancements in the field of human reproduction and in your everyday clinic practices.

Drop by our stand to meet the CooperSurgical team. You can also try out our products, with expert guidance, or attend an insightful live demo session.

Not attending ESHRE? Our demo sessions will be available to live stream too!

Our Professional Education and Clinical Support (PECS) team is dedicated to providing training, education and onsite clinical support for innovative fertility care. They will be joined at ESHRE 2024 by our team of CooperSurgical product specialists, who look forward to connecting with you.

Professional Education and Clinical Support


Inge Errebo Agerholm, PhD
Global Senior Director for Professional Education and Clinical Support

David Morrell

David Morroll, PhD
Director of Clinical Support


Steve Levett, PhD
Director of Clinical Applications

Stephen Fleming

Steven Fleming, PhD
Director of Embryology

David Morrell

Martine Nijs, PhD
Director of Professional Education

Clinical Application Scientist


Bodoor Qutish
Clinical Application Scientist


Aaron Lakmaker, MBA
Clinical Application Scientist


Giulia Marras
Clinical Application Scientist


Stacy Macpherson
Clinical Application Scientist


Olga De Silva, MSc
Sr. Clinical Application Scientist Nordic, Baltics & Russia


Dimitri Dogan
Product Manager

TitleTime (CEST)SpeakerDescription
Embryo OptionsSM – The
modern lab’s comprehensive
cryo management and billing solution
09:30–09:45Stacy Macpherson
Julia Thomas
Next level cryo management starts here. Learn how the Embryo OptionsSM platform can help facilitate compliance to cryo consent regulations and how automation and streamlined notifications can reduce administration work and increase accuracy of communication.
Embryo transfer catheter loading techniques for embryo transfer success10:00–10:15Steve Levett, PhD
Dimitri Dogan
Bodoor Qutish
Observe our experts loading a catheter following good lab practice (GLP) and learn about optimal loading volume, the procedure and other important aspects of embryo transfer.
Sperm Selection using SpermSlowTM medium13:45–14:00David Morroll, PhD
Aaron Lakmaker, MBA
Follow a live demonstration of the use of SpermSlow™ medium to select individual sperm for intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) using hyaluronan binding
How to load a VitriFit® carrier: volumes, placement and timing16:30–16:45Steve Levett, PhD
Olga De Silva, MSc
Observe our experts load a VitrifitTM carrier, highlighting the importance of volume, placement and timing to help achieve an optimal outcome.
TitleTime (CEST)SpeakerDescription
Best practice in trophectoderm biopsy09:30–09:45Steve Fleming, PhD
Olga De Silva, MSc
Observe our experts perform a live trophectoderm (TE) biopsy on mouse embryos. They will discuss and provide strategies for the common issues faced when performing TE biopsy.
How to achieve optimal results in biopsy cell tubing to avoid “no-results”10:00–10:15Steve Fleming, PhD
Stacy Macpherson
Follow a live demonstration to optimize tubing in your laboratory.
How to quickly and effectively prepare sperm with the Zymōt Sperm Separation Device13:15–13:30Nick Campion, MScFollow a live demonstration with our newest acquisition Zymōt Fertility – and discover how to simplify sperm preparation for use in IUI, IVF and ICSI procedures.
Transforming Fertilization Success: Increasing Transferable Embryos with
13.40–14:00Balsam Al Hashimi, MScA case study with London Women’s Clinic that aims to evaluate diploid rates, euploid and polyploid percentages, origins of haploidy and polyploidy, aneuploidy patterns in diploid embryos, and the impact of IVF versus ICSI on these parameters.
How dish preparation may impact
embryo culture and development
16:30–16:45Dimitri Dogan
Steve Levett, PhD
Correct dish preparation is important, so come and see our experts perform several different GPSTM dish preparations and try one yourself.
TitleTime (CEST)SpeakerDescription
How to achieve optimal results in biopsy cell tubing to avoid “no-results”09:30–09:45Steve Levett, PhD
Stacy Macpherson 
Olga De Silva, MSc
Follow a live demonstration to optimize tubing in your laboratory.
Sperm Selection using the PICSITM dish.10:00–10:15Steve Levett, PhD
Aaron Lakmaker, MBA
A live demonstration on the setup and use of a PICSITM dish for ICSI.

Drop-in sessions with our experts are available most of the day, with time for breaks during live sessions and preparation. Once you have taken part, you will receive your certificate of participation.

  • Perform a TE biopsy on mouse embryos
  • Transfer beads using our WallaceTM Sure-ProTM catheter
  • Work with our experts on the setup and use of a PICSITM dish and SpermSlowTM medium to select sperm for ICSI
  • Practice culture dish preparation with several different GPS dishes, culture media and oil
  • Try an embryo transfer on our simulator
  • Test out the VitrifitTM carrier yourself using beads
  • Try a biopsy on our RI Integra3TM micromanipulator (no certificate for this session)

Date: Monday 8 July, 2023

Time: 2:45pm – 3:45pm (CEST)

Room: Hall 12

Venue: RAI Amsterdam, Europaplein, 1078 GZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Personalized treatment, also known as precision medicine, is increasingly recognized as a crucial aspect of healthcare that can coexist with standardized clinical practices. It involves tailoring medical treatment to the individual characteristics of each patient, which can lead to more effective and efficient healthcare.

Personalized treatment complements standardized practices to ensure that care is both consistent and optimally suited to each patient’s situation.

Join these experts at ESHRE 2024


Professor Alison Campbell, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer of the Care Fertility Group


Professor Carlo Alviggi, MD, PhD
Associate Professor, University of Naples Federico II


Moderator: Martine Nijs, PhD
Director of Professional Education at CooperSurgical, Inc.

During the session, this esteemed panel will discuss clinical and laboratory successes and the challenges faced in delivering the highest quality care within this personalized treatment pathway.

This session is fully booked. There will be limited availability for walk-ins on the day and will be on a first come basis.

Monday, July 8, 10:00 – 11:30, Forum
Session code:1070
Session title: Session 07: Genetic frontiers: new insights in gamete and embryo research
Session type: Selected oral communications
O-035: Euploidy’s hidden potential: Emerging insights from abnormal fertilized embryos
B. Al Hashimi1,, E. Linara-Demakakou2,, O. Green2,, B. Raikundalia2,, T. Shah2,, D. Griffin3,, K. Ahuja2,, N. macklon2,.

1London womens clinic- University of Kent, Embryology- Reproductive Genetics, London, United Kingdom.
2London woman’s clinic, Embryology, London, United Kingdom.
3University of Kent, Reproductive Genetics, Canterbury, United Kingdom.

Tuesday, July 9, 17:00 – 18:00, Forum
Session code:1810
Session title: Session 70: Ethics, information, and choice in medically assisted reproduction
Session type: Selected oral communications
O-233: The current landscape for carrier screening in donor conception; a game of chance for donors and recipients?
B. Al Hashimi1,, E. Linara-Demakakou2,, O. Green2,, B. Raikundalia2,, T. Shah2,, D. Griffin3,, K. Ahuja2,, N. macklon2,.

C. Lynch1,, L. Isley2,, K. Baldwin3,, P. Callum4,, K. Sage5,, V. Shaikly5,.
1CooperSurgical, Medical Affairs, Nottingham, United Kingdom.
2CooperSurgical, Medical Affairs, Trumbull, U.S.A..
3CooperSurgical, Reproductive Genetics, Los Angeles, U.S.A..
4Tandem Genetics, Reproductive genetics, Los Angeles, U.S.A..
5Fertility Genetics, Genetic Counselling, London, United Kingdom

Wednesday, July 10, 17:00 – 18:00, Park Foyer
Session title: Session 83: Unveiling current innovations in experimental PGT and PND
Abstract title: Two component resolution of mosaic samples in PGT-A: primary template
Session type: Selected oral communications amplification (PTA) and independent analysis using copy-number variation and allelic balance.
Speaker: Chris Weier

Session type: Poster viewing
Presentation number:P-270
Session title: Analysis of patient response rates to automated cryomanagement platform communications by length of cryostorage and tissue type
J. Thomas1,, C. Lynch2,, S. Gonsalez3,, P. Walimbe3,, J. Swain4,.

1CooperSurgical, Product Management- Cryo & Digital Solutions, London, United Kingdom.
2CooperSurgical, Medical Affairs, London, United Kingdom.
3CooperSurgical, Data Analytics, Chicago, U.S.A..
4CCRM, Embryology, Denver, U.S.A.

Session type: Poster viewing
Presentation number:P-497
Session title: Increasing use of pan-ethnic carrier screening for donor gametes creates new challenges for clinics and recipient counselling
K. Sage1,, V. Shaikly1,, L. Isley2,, C. Lynch3,.

1Fertility Genetics, Genetic Counselling, London, United Kingdom.
2Cooper Surgical, Medical Affairs, Trumbull, U.S.A..

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