Endosee® Advance System

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Endosee Advance System
Introducing the Endosee® Advance system!  The Endosee Advance system is an all-in-one, direct visualization system for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Advance patient care and your practice
  • Instant endometrial imaging guided by direct visualization1
  • Efficient workflow with in-office exams that better prepare for and reduce OR visits2,3
  • Low-cost investment that is coded and reimbursed as hysteroscopy3
Features to help elevate your in-office procedures:
  • Your exam is guided by clear color visualization
  • Reusable display module
  • Sterile, single-use cannula designed for ease of insertion
  • Channel for fluid infusion
  • Still image or video capture of every exam
  • See the picture you just took
  • Transfer exam data to your computer via USB cable

1 Goldstein SR, Anderson TL. Endometrial Evaluation: Are you still relying on a blind biopsy? OBG Mgmt Supp. 2017;10:S1-S4. 2 Isaacson K. Office Hysteroscopy: a valuable but under-utilized technique. Curr Opin Obstet Gynecol. 2002;14:381-385. 3 Moawad N, Santamaria E, Johnson M, Shuster J. Cost effectiveness of office hysteroscopy for abnormal bleeding. JSLS. 2014;18:1-5.

Parts & Accessories
ES9000 Endosee Advance Display Module (1 unit)Endosee® Advance System
ESPX5 Endosee Cannula, compatible with ES9000 only (5 per Box)Endosee® Advance System
ES-TRAY Endosee System Convenience Kit (5 per Box)Endosee® Advance System
ES-BPSY Biopsy forcepsEndosee® Advance System
ES–LNGR Spoon forceps, long serratedEndosee® Advance System
ES-FBGR Endosee System Convenience Kit (5 per Box)Endosee® Advance System
ES-SCIS Scissors, single actionEndosee® Advance System
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