Beth’s Story

Beth’s Story
Beth's Story)

At 34 years old I hadn’t met Mr. Right, but I didn’t want to give up on my dream of becoming a mother. After much thought, I decided to try to become a mom on my own.

I looked at a couple of different sperm banks, but I picked CCB because it had the best selection of open ID donors.

I felt like the choice to meet the donor is a decision for the child to make in the future, not for me to make for him or her now.

Once I narrowed my list down to a handful of donors, I showed the profiles to my family and a few friends and we listened to the audio interviews together. They were incredibly helpful in noticing things that I had not. With their help, I picked the donor who was right for me.

CCB was great about sending the vials quickly, so I would be able to promptly start the IUI process.

On my third try, I was fortunate to get pregnant, and soon I learned that I was pregnant with twins! Although I was overwhelmed at first, I quickly came to see that I was extremely lucky.

After the CVS test, I learned that I was expecting a healthy boy and girl. Although my kids were born a bit early, I am happy to report that we are a happy, healthy family of three.

I even took advantage of the CCB buy-back program to return the vials that I didn’t need and put the refund into my kids’ college funds.

I am so grateful to the donor for helping me fulfill my dream and to CCB for making the process so easy.

~ Beth, Mom to Olivia and Jack     

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