Iris’s Story

Iris’s Story
Iris’s Story 1

My partner and I considered bringing a child into the world (and making our own little family) off and on for almost 10 years; after all there was a lot to consider and plan for.

We didn’t know any other same-sex couples who were in our situation and we needed all of the information we could get.

I spent a lot of time researching articles and news pieces on using donor sperm and we discussed the implications of this option. Once we fully understood the process and the procedure I began to look into sperm banks.

When I found CCB I was put at ease by the amount of information that was given and the instant support that was offered. I was able to send in my own little questions and get very detailed answers right away.

We chose CCB to purchase our donor sperm because I appreciated the honestly about how they are FDA regulated, how they complete thorough genetic testing and how they had such a wide variety of donors to choose from. It was also helpful to get the timing of the shipment correct. CCB worked with me to make sure everything happened in a timely manner.

I must say, it was strange to receive an e-mail stating that my “human tissue” had arrived, but being from the medical field I was able to enjoy the humor of it all. My Reproductive Endocrinologist worked with CCB on a regular basis and had the forms completed before I was able to ask him about it.

Knowing that the process was effective and that everyone was on the same page, trying to help me make my own family, was such a deep relief because, in the end, we were making a life changing decision which came with its own set of worries.

We are now expecting our baby girl in June!

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