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Use this tool to enter your batch number and download the corresponding certificate of analysis.

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Simplicity and reliability are key. That’s why we have a no-compromise approach to quality for every product. For you, this means products you can rely on for better success rates that are safe for the patient.

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Submit your Product Warranty Card online by completing our quick and easy form.

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We offer a range of contract options to suit your needs: preventative maintenance and service, reliable access to spare parts, product training, and online handling of service requests.

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All obp light sources within ER-SPEC, OFFICESPEC, HER-SPEC, ANOSPEC and SURE-SCOPE are powered by alkaline button batteries. ER-SPEC, OFFICESPEC, HER-SPEC, ANOSPEC and SURE-SCOPE are designed to be disposed in their entirety after use.

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