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Supported Ultrasound-Visible Embryo Transfer Catheters

Transferring an embryo is a monumental step so we want it to be as easy, stress-free, and as comfortable as possible for you and your patients.

Our Wallace Sure-Pro Ultra embryo transfer catheters with ultrasound visibility are designed to suit various techniques and clinical situations, offering the benefits of softness, smoothness, and safety.

Sure-Pro Ultra for Every Situation

Sure-Pro Ultra is available with a soft obturator and firm stylet to suit different patient anatomies and clinical situations. Each has a specially designed tip to help keep out cervical mucus and bacteria, which could potentially lead to embryo retention.


For Elective Two-Stage Transfer

The obturator comes preloaded in the outer sheath. It is softer than a stylet and used for routine two-stage transfers.



For Difficult Two-Stage Transfer

The stylet comes preloaded in the outer sheath. It is used for difficult two-stage transfers. It is firm and can be shaped to a patient’s anatomy.



Visible under ultrasound from hub to tip2

SureView micro bubbles are present throughout the length of the catheter which allows full visibility under ultrasound guidance. Ultrasound guided embryo transfer procedures have been recognized by many clinicians and embryologists to improve pregnancy rates.1-6


The patented SureView technology allows full visibility under ultrasound guidance

SurePro Ultra under ultrasound


Competitor Catheter under ultrasound


All Sure-Pro Ultra options are available with or without SureView ultrasound bubble technology.

Triple Pouch Option

Maintaining sterility from laboratory to theatre

The sterile triple pouch option allows clinicians to take the outer sheath and the obturator or stylet into the theatre, whilst the embryologist takes the inner catheter sterile pouch to the lab to prepare and load the embryo for transfer. Both products are also available with an additional pouch for the aseptic technique, enabling sterility to be maintained from laboratory to theatre.


This product is available for sale worldwide. It is not available for sale in Taiwan.

Product Specifications

Inner catheter inner diameter0.76mm ID
Inner catheter outer diameter1.52mm OD
Outer sheath outer diameter2.5mm OD
Volume of catheter not including hub
(23cm catheter)
0.104ml (104µl)
Volume per cm length of catheter0.0045ml (4.5µl)
Suggested loading volume0.5 to 1cm = 2.25 to 4.5µl
Stylet OD1.52mm OD
Stylet protrusion from outer sheath2.7mm

Product codes

ProductOrder Code
Sure-Pro Ultra, Single Stage Embryo Transfer Catheter (with ultrasound) Soft 23cm, Supported – Quantity: 10PE623
Sure-Pro Ultra, Embryo Replacement Catheter with Obturator, Soft 23cm Supported Elective Two-Stage  – Quantity: 10PEB623
Sure-Pro Ultra,  Embryo Replacement Catheter with Stylet, Soft 23cm Two Stage Embryo Transfer Catheter for Difficult Transfer  – Quantity: 10PES623
Sure-Pro Ultra, Embryo Replacement Catheter with Obturator, Soft 23cm Supported Elective Two-Stage, triple pouched – Quantity: 10PEB623X
Sure-Pro Ultra,  Embryo Replacement Catheter with Stylet, Soft 23cm Two Stage Embryo Transfer Catheter for Difficult Transfer, triple pouched – Quantity: 10PES623X

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  1. Anderson, R et al. (2001). “Transvaginal ultrasound-guided embryo transfer improves outcome in patients with previous failed in vitro fertilization cycles.” Presented at Pacific Coast Reproductive Society. Rancho Mirage, California, April 25th-29th 2001.
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