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Automated immunoassay systems

Tosoh Bioscience has been a pioneer in the field of automated immunoassay systems.  Their line of Automated Immunoassay Analyzers (AIA) delivers accurate immunoassay diagnostics with a full test menu which includes:

  • Reproductive Hormones.
  • Continuous random access and continuous process operation allow operators to run assays in any combination, in any order, at any time
  • All AIA systems utilize the same AIA-PACK Unit Dose Test Cup reagent technology
  • Single, unitized test cups require no pre-mixing, no pre-measuring, no on-board refrigeration and no waste
  • Results are consistent and interchangeable between all Tosoh AIA systems
  • Developed with efficency in mind to ensure operators have significant time away from the system to accomplish other tasks while samples are running
  • Built on the motto: “Press start and walk away, it’s that simple.”

Key Features for AIA 360

  • Throughput of 200 tests/hour
  • 576 tips (6 tip racks)
  • 2 substrate bottles
  • Walk away time approx. 4 hours
  • 960 tests (48 trays) can be loaded at any time
  • 3 incubators
  • 2 sampling arms

Tosoh Immunoassay Analyzer – AIA 360


Tosoh Immunoassay Analyzer – AIA 900


Key Features

  • Flexible newest addition to Tosoh’s respected family of AIA analyzers
  • Throughput of 90 tests per hour
  • Available in 3 different models
  • User-friendly and reliable
  • AIA-900 utilizes the same Unit Dose Test Cup reagent technology as all Tosoh AIA immunoassay analyzers


These products are available for sale in the U.S.A only.

Product codes

Tosoh Immunoassay Analyzer – AIA 900

ProductOrder Code
AIA 900 Immunoassay Analyzer, Loader ModelTOS-AIA900
AIA 900 Immunoassay Analyzer, 9 Tray Sorter ModelTOS22931111
AIA 900 Immunoassay Analyzer, 19 Tray Sorter ModelTOS-AIA900

Tosoh Immunoassay Analyzer – AIA 360

ProductOrder Code
AIA 360 Immunoassay AnalyzerTOS-019945

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