RI Integra 3™ Micromanipulator

RI Integra 3™ Micromanipulator 3
RI Integra 3™ Micromanipulator 1

Featuring Thermosafe™

Every detail of the RI Integra 3™ is geared towards one goal – to ensure you create the best possible conditions for ICSI and sample manipulation.

We recognise that temperature and time are critical within an ART lab. RI Integra 3™ is ultra-responsive and effortlessly smooth, so it’s quick and easy to use, thanks to RI’s advanced mechanical design. You can change micropipettes in seconds, which can transform the efficiency of your lab overnight.

We have increased the size of the integrated heated stage by 40% but kept the footprint to a minimum to keep your work area uncluttered.


This product is available for sale in the USA, Europe and the rest of the world.

By far the best new feature is the warm air flow through the central plate – which means your dish can maintain the correct temperature throughout the procedure. The egg counter feature has also been a blessing in large cases, as well as the warning “beeps” for the fine manipulator height indicator

Sophie Bird MMedSci ClinSci DipRCPath, ACU Lab Manager, Epsom & St.Helier NHS

ThermosafeTM – Ultimate Thermal Control for RI Integra 3TM

Thermosafe™ is an integral heating system that helps to keep samples at the optimum temperature. It emits warm air precisely and uniformly towards the Petri dish.

The result of this is a fail-safe guarantee, with no more cold spots, no more hot spots and no more ambiguity.

There is also a stage temperature health indicator light to reassure you that the integrated heating system is functioning correctly.

RI Integra 3™ Micromanipulator 5

Thermal image of Petri dish surface when placed on heated metal plate WITH THERMOSAFE

RI Integra 3™ Micromanipulator 7

Petri dish surface when placed on heated metal plate WITHOUT THERMOSAFE™

RI Integra 3™ Micromanipulator 9

Petri dish surface when placed on market leading glass ITO WITHOUT THERMOSAFE™

RI Integra 3™ Micromanipulator 11
RI Integra 3™ Micromanipulator 13

Key Features

No Cold Spots

Thermosafe™ maintains sample temperature with a gentle stream of warm air under the Petri dish


Improved rapid micropipette set-up with one-step angle adjustment


Motion sensor LED light underneath the stage for improved visibility when changing objectives


Heating system status indicator light and alarm monitors every second of the process.  A log is kept of every alarm triggered


Large built-in mechanical XY stage plus temperature controllers with easy access buttons and touch screen


New extra-fine mechanisms for smooth and precise movement of the stage and micropipettes

Additional Functions and Features

Colour Touch Screen

Using the 3.5 inch touch screen display, you can check temperature, track time with a stop watch and count the number of injections done.  The electronic height indicators track the vertical position of the tool holders.

Shortcut Video And Images

If you need to keep track of samples or procedures, just hit the shortcut buttons to film or photograph any stage of the process.  There’s a counter button and an onscreen stopwatch as well.

Motion Triggered LED Light

A motion triggered light illuminates under the stage as soon as it detects your hand, to help you see when changing objectives.

Precise And Intuitive Control

When you perform ART micromanipulation procedures, accuracy is paramount. RI Integra 3™ offers the finest possible movement on the XYM stage and fine and coarse levers as well as a choice of oil or air syringes for the control of samples.

RI ViewerTM Software

You can use the RI Integra 3™ without a computer or camera.  However, if you connect it to a computer, we can supply the RI Viewer™ software. With RI Viewer™ you can use the shortcut keys.  Enjoy razor-sharp full screen imaging from the microscope, with digital magnification and a modern, clean user interface.

It also offers line measurement tools and a built-in simulator for training and demonstration purposes.  RI Viewer™ also allows you to sync up with RI Saturn 5™ laser and RI IMSI™ systems.


The RI Integra 3™ includes two of our SAS air syringes as standard.  These syringes offer superb control and eliminate the need for oil. Also available is the SAS-SE for superfine air control or our SOS oil syringe with a quick fill feature for minimum set-up time.

Microscope Compatibility


Ti2-U, and discontinued models: TMD, Diaphot 200/300 TE2000, TE200/300


IXPlore (IX73), and discontinued models: IMT2, IX50/70 IX51/71/81


DMi8, and discontinued models: DMIRB, DMI3000B/4000B/6000B DM IL


Axio Observer, and discontinued models: Axiovert 40/100/200, Axio Vert.A1

Product Specifications

Heating SystemThermosafe™ Air Heating System with Heated Metal Insert:
25mm aperture (standard)
16mm aperture (optional)
ITO Heated Glass Insert (optional)
Temperature ControllerAccuracy: better than ±0.1ºC when calibrated against known reference
Resolution: 0.1ºC
Setpoint Temperature Range: 30-45ºC
Display3.5″ colour LCD touch screen display for temperature control
ConnectivityUSB socket for connection to PC running RI Viewer™ software
SyringesChoice of SAS (air), SAS-SE (air) and SOS (oil)
WeightMaximum weight of microscope mounted components (excluding front and rear adaptors): 10.4kg
Actual weight is configuration dependent
DimensionsFootprint (not including microscope): width 56cm, depth 38cm
Power SupplyInput: 100-240VAC, 50-60HZ, Max. 1.8A, Class 1
Output: 12VDC, Min. 11A (132W)
Operating RangeTemperature: 15ºC (59ºF) to 40ºC (104ºF)
Humidity:15% to 85% RH (non condensing)
Micropipette CompatibilityCompatible with CooperSurgical micropipettes (or other industry standard 1.0mm outside diameter micropipettes or equivalent specification).

Product codes

Please use the table below to select the correct part number for your equipment.

For Saturn Fixed , other microscopes and any other system not covered by the part numbers below, contact our Customer Service team in your region

Microscope ManufacturerModelSyringe ChoicePart NumberDescription
NikonTi2None6-54-100-14RI Integra 3 Thermosafe Nikon
No Syringes
NikonTi22 x SAS6-54-100-15RI Integra 3 Thermosafe Nikon
2 x SAS
NikonTi21 x SAS,
1 x SAS-SE
6-54-100-16RI Integra 3 Thermosafe Nikon
1  x SAS 1 x SAS-SE
NikonTi22 x SAS-SE6-54-100-17RI Integra 3 Thermosafe Nikon
2 x SAS-SE
NikonTi-S, Ti-U, Ti-E
TE2000,TE200, TE300
None6-54-100-01RI Integra 3 Thermosafe Nikon
No Syringes
NikonTi-S, Ti-U, Ti-E,TE2000,TE200, TE3002 x SAS6-54-100-02RI Integra 3 Thermosafe Nikon
2 x SAS
NikonTi-S, Ti-U, Ti-E,TE2000,TE200, TE3001 x SAS,
1 x SAS-SE
6-54-100-03RI Integra 3 Thermosafe Nikon
1 x SAS , 1 x SAS-SE
NikonTi-S, Ti-U, Ti-E,TE2000,TE200, TE3002 x SAS-SE6-54-100-04RI Integra 3 Thermosafe Nikon
2 x SAS-SE
OlympusIX53, IX73, IX83,IX51, IX71, IX81None6-54-100-05RI Integra 3 Thermosafe Olympus
No Syringes
OlympusIX53, IX73, IX83,IX51, IX71, IX812 x SAS6-54-100-06RI Integra 3 Thermosafe Olympus
2 x SAS
OlympusIX53, IX73, IX83,IX51, IX71, IX811 x SAS,
1 x SAS-SE
6-54-100-06RI Integra 3 Thermosafe Olympus
1 x SAS, 1 x SAS-SE
OlympusIX53, IX73, IX83,IX51, IX71, IX812 x SAS-SE6-54-100-08RI Integra 3 Thermosafe Olympus
2 x SAS-SE
OlympusIX50, IX702 x SAS6-54-100-13RI Integra 3 Thermosafe Olympus IX1
2 x SAS
OlympusIX1 SeriesNone6-54-100-18RI Integra 3 Thermosafe Olympus IX1
No Syringes
LeicaDMi8, DMIx000B, DMIRBNone6-54-100-09RI Integra 3 Thermosafe Leica
No Syringes
LeicaDMi8, DMIx000B, DMIRB2 x SAS6-54-100-10RI Integra 3 Thermosafe Leica
2 x SAS
LeicaDMi8, DMIx000B, DMIRB1 x SAS,
1 x SAS-SE
6-54-100-11RI Integra 3 Thermosafe Leica
1 x SAS, 1 x SAS-SE
LeicaDMi8, DMIx000B, DMIRB2 x SAS-SE6-54-100-12RI Integra 3 Thermosafe Leica
2 x SAS-SE
LeicaDMi8, DMIx000B, DMIRB2 x SAS6-54-110-01RI Integra 3 No Thermosafe Leica
2 x SAS
LeicaDMi8, DMIx000B, DMIRB2 x SAS6-54-110-12RI Integra 3 ITO Leica
2 x SAS

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The Integra 3™ has very natural and intuitive controls. It has a quick and easy micropipette set-up procedure, with the ability to change the micropipette angle with a single control. It is also compact and takes up very little laboratory bench-top space, whilst providing a large stage surface area to work on. Thermosafe™ ensures consistent temperature, including in the microscope line of sight, to provide stable temperature during micromanipulation.

Very easy – most people convert perfectly after a couple of sessions. You have to get used to new hand positions, but this takes very little time and once mastered, the control is superb and the operation much quicker.

The Integra 3™ comes as standard with: 2 x micromanipulators incorporating coarse and fine controls, 2 x toolholders with easy micropipette set-up, 1 x large heated stage, 1 x Thermosafe™ warm air heating system (option available without Thermosafe™), 1 x 3-channel temperature controller with improved touch screen control, 2 x SAS syringes / injectors, 2 x handrests, 1 x mechanical XY stage. Optional extras: Glass heated stage insert, extra-smooth air syringe (SAS-SE) or oil syringe (SOS), microscope camera, PC / monitor, RI imaging software RI Viewer™.

We have adaptors which allow existing syringes to be used with the Integra 3™.

We can provide instruction on how to use the equipment at installation, and can also arrange a training session at a current user’s lab, or arrange for an experienced embryologist to visit your lab. This is equipment training only. If clinical procedure training is needed, we can put you in touch with laboratories who offer this service.

Maintaining even temperatures during micromanipulation helps preserve the best conditions for the samples even outside of the incubator. Please refer to “Can temperature stability be improved during micromanipulation procedures by introducing a novel air warming system?”, 2014, Wheat S, Vaughan K, Harbottle S.” and Integra TI vs Integra 3 (I3): a prospective randomised sibling study assessing fertilisation outcome, embryo quality and morphokinetic parameters”, 2014, Gwinnett D, Cook C, Escriba M, Hickman C, Trew G, Lavery S.



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