L126 IVF Workstation

L126 IVF Workstation 2

Workstations prepared for one Stereo Microscope

Our Workstations are designed for optimal working conditions in the Embryo and Andrology lab and to provide a safe and optimized environment for oocytes, spermatocytes and embryos.

The 100 series provides protection and heating for the sample and offers the broadest variety of features and models.

The filtration system of IVF Workstations is designed to provide clean air in the work area. Each model of Workstations has a blower plenum designed to minimize air turbulences and eliminate dead air zones.


This product is available for sale in selected countries around the world.

Key Features of IVF Workstations 100 Series

The air flow is filtered through a VOC prefilter and HEPA filter to ensure filtered air quality

HEPA filter classification H-14 removes at least 99.995 % of all airborne particles down to 0.3 microns.

ALU Heat System with 3 individual temperature sensors to ensure high temperature stability at +/- 0.4 oC over the work area (6 sensors in L126Dual)

Incorporated K-SYSTEMS Heated Glass Stage at temperature stability +/-0.7 oC

Airflow 0.32 m/s

Integrated Humidified Gas System

Operator and ergonomically friendly

Various optional features

RI Witness ready

Standard Features for IVF Workstations 100 Series

Heated Area

K-SYSTEMS well proven Alu HeatTM System provides the most precise temperature control.

  • The heat distribution is controlled in
    • 3 + 1 heating zones in L100 Series
  • Calibration of each heating zone can be seen and adjusted at the main control panel.
  • Each heating zone is individual calibrated with specialized software to monitor each zone and ensure a uniform heat distribution.
  • The unique design of the Alu Heat systems ensures excellent heat transfer to the samples and avoidance of temperature overshoot.
  • The unit temperature is constantly being displayed on the front panel of the work area.
L126 IVF Workstation 4
Alu Heat System with 3+1 zones is standard in L100 series.

RI Witness

RI Witness uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to monitor all critical work carried out in the Laboratory, creating a complete record of each stage of a patients cycle.

RI Witness is watching, tracking and recording all of the time and Locks the patients identity to the sperm, eggs and embryos at every stage of the treatment.

The system also actively prevents patients samples coming into proximity with those of other patients and gives everyone peace of mind that the best possible processes are being employed.

Learn About RI Witness

Heated Glass Stage

K-SYSTEMS has developed and produced a controlled heating temperature system which is integrated in the microscope light opening.

  • Light opening Ø90 mm standard on Fortuna, Mars and Titan
  • Excellent heat distribution and stability
  • Robust and cost efficient
L126 IVF Workstation 6
Heated Glass Stage Ø90 mm with integrated LED.
L126 IVF Workstation 8
Temperature accuracy of +/- 0.4oC

Outstanding heating technology

As embryos are sensitive to temperature fluctuations a controlled heating temperature system is integrated in the microscope light opening. The system is controlled on the control panel and provides the highest stability possible of the media in the culture dishes during microscopy.

All L100 have heated glass Ø90 mm as standard feature.

The Gassing and Humidification System – Maintain the pH in the media during operations.

Integrated Gassing and Humidification System GH02

L126 IVF Workstation 10

As a standard, the 100 series has an integrated gas humidification system. Pre-mixed gas is required.

L126 IVF Workstation 12

The pre-mixed gas is humidified through a heated gas washing system and extruded through nozzles in the table plate covered by glass hoods (glass hoods optional). With the regulator you can adjust the level of humidification by adjusting the gas flow. The gas flow can be adjusted between 0-50 ltr/h.

The humidified and heated gas is diffused through 2 nozzles in the table plate. To maintain the pH in the media glass incubator hoods can be used.

An optional solution when RI Witness is installed in the 100 series is to have the humidified gas diffused through connectors in the inner wall using silicone tubes connected to glass hoods (glass hoods optional).

L126 IVF Workstation 14

The Front Window

L126 IVF Workstation 16

Eye Draught Protection

Eye Draught Protection is an easily adjustable plate that slides to the top of the microscope and thus prevent draught flow to trouble the operator eyes.

Standard in L124IVF, L126IVF, L126Dual and L126MP.

Optional Features for IVF Workstations 100 Series

L126 IVF Workstation 18


Fully Sealed 19″ high resolution monitor.

An excellent tool for viewing, training and education.

The viewing panel of glass is designed to non disturbance of the air flow and easy to clean.

The monitor supports most of the signals coming from modern digital cameras and supports DVI, HDMI as well as analog signals.

Connect the monitor to your external PC and you bring the pictures right into your office or meeting room.

Stands for IVF Workstations

Stand with shelf for computer for your IVF Workstation

L126 IVF Workstation 20

Integration of the computer in the support stand of your Workstation will offer you several advantages.

  • More easy cleaning under and around the Workstation
  • Cables and fittings becomes integrated part of the support stand
  • No more loose hanging cables
  • All details prepared to ensure a high level of usability

Ergonomic elevation support stand for your IVF Workstation

L126 IVF Workstation 22

The K-SYSTEMS® Support Stand with Electrical Adjustable Height will offer you maximum comfort, either sitting or standing


  • Adjust the work height exactly to your need with this smooth non-step elevation system
  • A simple touch of the button will adjust precisely the work height in the range of: 790-1110 mm
  • The use of high quality components ensures the highest level of usability
  • Compatible with existing 100 series Workstations (except MP and ICSI versions)

Integrated Keyboard Shelf

L126 IVF Workstation 24

Can be integrated into workstations in the L100 series (except L124 ICSI).

Can be reinstalled on all Workstations in the L100 series, manufactured after 2010 (exceptL124 ICSI).

Integrates with both Standard Stand, Electrical Adjustable Stand and Stand with Shelf.

Many different positions depending on the client’s needs

Max load 10 kg

Combined with Stand with Shelf it represents the perfect solution for PC.


Shelf surface area: 418 x 313 mm (Length x Breadth).
Height of shelf including mounting brackets: 107 mm.
Distance from top of shelf to lower surface of the table: Approx 70 mm.

L126 IVF Workstation 26

Light Source with LED Light

Light sources for stereo microscopes. Conveniently mounted underneath the table top leaving a smooth and even surface above.

LS112 for 100 series.

L126 IVF Workstation 28

The LED light is clear and safe and enables the user to get fast and accurate results in observation of embryos.

  • The clear LED light gives you the highest intensity in the visual field.
  • Durable – up to 35.000 hours of continuous light.
  • No light in the UV spectrum
  • Easily adjustable dark and light field illumination
  • Slot for filter installation (red, blue, green filter)
  • Low power consumption
L126 IVF Workstation 30

High end illumination system features two condenser lenses, 360 degree rotational and 40 mm horizontally moveable two sided mirror.

Slot for filter installation (red, blue, green filter).

Product Specifications

Overall Dimensions (WxDxH)1846x735x2020 mm
Workspace/tabletop826×553 mm
Standard Working Height835mm – 860mm
Distance from tabletop to HEPA-filter710 mm
Power Consumption988 watt
Mains Voltage230VAC or 115 VAC
Mains Frequency50Hz/60Hz or 60Hz
Required Power4.3 A / 8.6 A

Product codes

ProductOrder Code
WS L126 IVF 115V Right6,111,211,121
WS L126 IVF 115V Right Monitor6,112,211,121
WS L126 IVF 115V Right RI Witness6,111,311,121
WS L126 IVF 115V Right RI Witness Monitor6,112,311,121
WS L126 IVF 230V Right6,111,212,121
WS L126 IVF 230V Right Monitor6,112,212,121
WS L126 IVF 230V Right RI Witness6,111,312,121
WS L126 IVF 230V Right RI Witness Monitor6,112,312,121
WS L126 IVF 115V Left6,121,211,121
WS L126 IVF 115V Left Monitor6,122,211,121
WS L126 IVF 115V Left RI Witness6,121,311,121
WS L126 IVF 115V Left RI Witness Monitor6,122,311,121
WS L126 IVF 230V Left6,121,212,121
WS L126 IVF 230V Left Monitor6,122,212,121
WS L126 IVF 230V Left RI Witness6,121,312,121
WS L126 IVF 230V Left RI Witness Monitor6,122,312,121
Stand L12612144
Stand w/shelf L12612145
El. Adj. stand L126 230V12112
El. Adj. stand L126 120V12112-a
Keyboard shelf12180
LED Lightsource LS11241093
Green Filter for lightsource, LS112, LS1241103-1

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