Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) Pipettes

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) Pipettes 3
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) Pipettes 1

A comprehensive range of quality pipettes for all preferences

CooperSurgical® offers a range of ICSI micropipettes designed to designed to help ensure precision and accuracy during the ICSI process. Our micropipettes are carefully crafted from borosilicate glass and the range features features a variety of tip sizes and shapes to aspirate and inject the sperm directly into the oocyte.

Each type of micropipette is expertly engineered and designed with advanced technology to optimize clinical performance and help ensure minimal trauma to the oocyte, which is why our ICSI micropipettes are a reliable choice for fertility specialists and embryologists.


These products are available for sale in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia, as well as selected countries in the rest of the world.

Which range of ICSI micropipette is the perfect match for my needs?

The combined offering of ORIGIO® and The Pipette Company TPC™ provides a variety of key features such as angle choices, bevel length, inner diameter and taper, to suit most user preferences.


ORIGIO® ICSI Micropipettes

  • Feel more rigid
  • Short taper
  • A shorter bevel and a longer spike
  • Bevel is more conically shaped
  • Packaging: transparent compact box of 10, color-coded for easy identification

TPC™ ICSI Micropipettes

  • Feel more flexible and bendable
  • A longer and parallel taper
  • Sharper bevel and shorter spike
  • Sharp-Blunt Spike™ tip that penetrates the zona pellucida easily
  • Packaging: transparent compact box of 10, color-coded for easy identification

Small inner diameter and a longer parallel taper: ICSI SlimLine

These popular pipettes are designed with a long parallel taper that some will find more flexible than our standard ORIGIO ICSI pipettes. When injecting, they maintain the rigidity that users like from the original ORIGIO micropipettes.

The ORIGIO SlimLine ICSI micropipette is designed with a small inner diameter and a longer parallel taper to:

  • Provide enhanced fluid control1
  • Maximize normal fertilization rate4
  • Minimize postinjection degeneration 4
  • Reduction in tripronuclear fertilization1
  • Increase the proportion of good-quality embryos and higher cell numbers 1

Please use our ‘How to find the right micropipette’ tool, which will guide you towards finding the right micropipette design.

  • The majority of our ICSI micropipettes are designed with fine spikes for easy penetration of the zona pellucida and minimized oocyte distortion.5 Users like this feature as it gives them a feeling of a sharper micropipette.
  • We also supply ICSI micropipettes with no spike for embryologists more focused on decreasing the risk of ooplasm leakage after ICSI, and reducing cytoplasm aspiration: 5
    • ORIGIO ICSI micropipettes with no spike: MIC-NSP-0, MIC-NSP-30, MIC-NSP-35 and MICC001-30-B1.0.
    • TPC ICSI micropipettes with no spike: LICR-BA21TA35, LICR-BA21TL0.6 and LICR-OD5.


ORIGIO pipettes packaging

All our ORIGIO micropipettes are packaged in a transparent compact box of 10.

  • Minimizes the space taken up on your shelves
  • Allows for a very quick overview of how many pipettes are left
  • Tip protector included in each micropipette tube

Please watch the video if you would like to see how easy it is to take an ORIGIO micropipette out of its packaging.

TPC pipettes packaging

All our TPC micropipettes are packaged in a recyclable cardboard box of 10. CooperSurgical encourages all clinics to recycle when possible.

Pipettes are individually packaged and gamma sterilized for optimum sterility. For easy identification, pipettes are packed in color-coded protective holders. Outer labels are also color-coded.

An ICSI micropipette for everyone
Pipette preferences are personal. Whether it is the tip sharpness, taper flexibility, packaging or tactile feeling that is most important when using a pipette, our broad portfolio of high-quality micromanipulation pipettes covers most needs and preferences.

Choose from the largest range of standard ICSI pipettes ever offered – all carefully designed to meet your preferences and help you optimize outcomes.

Unsure about of which of our micropipettes is the correct one for you? Try our micropipette selector[link], an easy way to find the reference to the product that will best suit your preferences.

There are several different types of ICSI micropipettes available, each with its own unique characteristics and features. The most common types include blunt and sharp-tipped micropipettes, as well as micropipettes with a beveled or angled tip. The choice of micropipette will depend on factors such as the size and quality of the oocytes and sperm being used, the preferences of the fertility specialist or embryologist, and the specific requirements of the fertility treatment.

To optimize results, ICSI micropipettes should be used together with a high-quality microscope, a micromanipulation system and well-functioning injectors.

Using an ICSI micropipette requires skill and precision, as the technique is highly delicate and requires a well-trained hand. Regular training and practice can improve your technique and help ensure consistent results. Read more about our possibilities for training here: 


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Product codes

ORIGIO ICSI Micropipettes

ICSI Micropipets with Spike (10 per box)
ProductOrder CodesBevel LengthID
Straight ICSIMIC-50-08-10μm5.0-5.7μm
20º angled ICSIMIC-50-208-10μm5.0-5.7μm
25° angled ICSIMIC-50-258-10μm5.0-5.7μm
30° angled ICSIMIC-50-308-10μm5.0-5.7μm
35° angled ICSIMIC-50-358-10μm5.0-5.7μm
45° angled ICSIMIC-50-458-10μm5.0-5.7μm
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) Pipettes 5
ProductOrder CodesBevel LengthID
Straight ICSIMIC-SI-010-11μm5.0-5.7μm
20º angled ICSIMIC-SI-2010-11μm5.0-5.7μm
25° angled ICSIMIC-SI-2510-11μm5.0-5.7μm
30° angled ICSIMIC-SI-3010-11μm5.0-5.7μm
35° angled ICSIMIC-SI-3510-11μm5.0-5.7μm
45° angled ICSIMIC-SI-4510-11μm5.0-5.7μm
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) Pipettes 6
ProductOrder CodesBevel LengthID
Straight ICSIMIC-35-011-12μm5.0-5.7μm
20º angled ICSIMIC-35-2011-12μm5.0-5.7μm
25° angled ICSIMIC-35-2511-12μm5.0-5.7μm
30° angled ICSIMIC-35-3011-12μm5.0-5.7μm
35° angled ICSIMIC-35-3511-12μm5.0-5.7μm
45° angled ICSIMIC-35-4511-12μm5.0-5.7μm
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) Pipettes 7
ICSI SlimLine (updated taper design)
ProductOrder CodesBevel LengthID
Straight ICSIMIC-SLM-010-12μm4.3-4.9μm
20º angled ICSIMIC-SLM-2010-12μm4.3-4.9μm
25° angled ICSIMIC-SLM-2510-12μm4.3-4.9μm
30° angled ICSIMIC-SLM-3010-12μm4.3-4.9μm
35° angled ICSIMIC-SLM-3510-12μm4.3-4.9μm
45° angled ICSIMIC-SLM-4510-12μm4.3-4.9μm
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) Pipettes 8
Larger ICSI Micropipets (10 per box)
ProductOrder CodesBevel LengthID
20º angled ICSIMIC-8-208-10μm6.2-7.0μm
25° angled ICSIMIC-8-258-10μm6.2-7.0μm
30° angled ICSIMIC-8-308-10μm6.2-7.0μm
35° angled ICSIMIC-8-358-10μm6.2-7.0μm
40° angled ICSIMIC-8-408-10μm6.2-7.0μm
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) Pipettes 9
Standard Spermatid ICSI Micropipets (10 per box)
ProductOrder CodesBevel LengthID
20º angled ICSIMIC-9-209-11μm6.6-7.9μm
25° angled ICSIMIC-9-259-11μm6.6-7.9μm
30° angled ICSIMIC-9-309-11μm6.6-7.9μm
35° angled ICSIMIC-9-359-11μm6.6-7.9μm

TPC ICSI Micropipettes

Pipette TypeOrder CodesFinish StyleTip AngleInternal Diameter (microns)Distance tip to bend (mm)
Standard Injection –  30° BevelLISR305 µm1mm
Standard Injection –  30° BevelLICR-TA35355 µm1mm
Standard Injection –  30° BevelLICR-TA25255 µm1mm
Standard Injection –  30° BevelLICR-TA20205 µm1mm
Left Handed Injection –  30° BevelLISLLeft Handed305 µm1mm
Short Spike Injection –  30° BevelLICR-SBSShorter Spike305 µm1mm
Small ID Injection – 24° BevelLICR-ID4304 µm1mm
Small ID Injection – 24° BevelLICR-ID4TA30304 µm0.6mm
Small ID Injection – 24° BevelLICR-ID4TL0.6354 µm0.61mm
Small ID Injection –  20° BevelLICR-OD5No Spike304 µm1mm

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It is a matter of personal preference. Some embryologists feel that because the non-spiked has a longer bevel it could be damaging, so choose the spiked injection micropipette because it has a shorter bevel with a spike to help it penetrate the wall of the egg.

The largest difference is in the taper design. The SlimLine taper is more parallel than the standard taper, which is somewhat conical. The length of the taper in the two types is the same.
The Slimline also has a small inner diameter of 4.3-4.9 µm, which is below the diameter of a standard ICSI pipette of 5-5.5 µm.
This design is chosen for minimally invasive ICSI procedures.

The flow in the micropipette is most gentle and subtle in a long, fine tapered pipette. The longest option available in our range is from TPC.

It doesn’t matter as long as it is aligned with the toolholder. A lower bend angle will restrict the accessible area in high-sided Petri dishes.




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