EZ-Range 1

The EZ-Range is an innovative range of options for denudation and handling

The EZ-Range includes the EZ-Tip, EZ-Grip, EZ-Strip, EZ-Squeeze Handle and EZ-Stand.
RI EZ-Range of denudation and handling devices are rigorously checked for quality, ensuring consistent geometries, close tolerances and smooth edges.

Made from flexible and shatter-proof medical-grade plastic, which does not scratch Petri dishes as fragile glass pipettes are prone to do.

Finished product is MEA and LAL tested.

Sterilised by an ISO 11137 series approved gamma irradiation.


This product is available for sale in selected countries worldwide.


Premium Denudation and Transfer Pipette

EZ-Tip is a premium quality plastic tip for oocyte denudation or oocyte and embryo handling.

Our close-tolerance plastic tips are flexible, with smooth edges and consistent geometries.

The EZ-Tip can be easily extracted from its packaging and loaded into the pipettor.

The 0.9mm outside diameter fits the EZ-Grip and is compatible with all popular denudation and transfer pipettors.

“We have been using the EZ-Tip now for over a year. We have found them to be comfortable and easy to use whilst providing the fine control required for the safe handling of oocytes and embryos. The different diameters are well suited to all the stages of the IVF/ICSI process, from oocyte denudation to blastocyst transfer. ”

Marta Jansa Perez, Head of Embryology, IVF Hammersmith, UK

EZ-Range 5

Key Features

High Quality

Consistent geometries and smooth edges

Quick Identification

Colour coded sizes


Fits with EZ-Grip® and all popular denudation and transfer pipettors


Unbreakable medical grade plastic tip that will not scratch Petri dishes

Finished Product MEA Tested

Every sterility batch of finished consumables is tested by an independent laboratory using a 1-cell stage mouse embryo toxicity test.

Finished Product LAL Tested

Each sterility batch of finished product is tested for bacterial endotoxins


Products are sterilised by an approved gamma irradiation facility meeting ISO 11137 standards


Denudation and Handling Pipettor

EZ-Grip® allows you to manipulate quickly and with confidence. The straightforward ergonomic design is comfortable to use for long periods. It can also be sterilized by autoclaving.

This device was developed alongside professionals in Assisted Reproductive Technology, specifically for clinical applications.

The unique Pipette Size Indicator on the Ez-Grip® may be used as a reminder of the size of pipette being used or left at a blank setting.

The EZ-Grip® fits with the EZ-Tip® and plastic denudation and handling pipettes (Ø0.9mm)

“I can confidently use the EZ-Range for all embryological handling procedures and rest assured that the eggs/embryos are secure during movement.”

Julia Paget, Complete Fertility, Southampton, UK

EZ-Range 6

Key Features


Adjustable aspiration volumes (for indication only)

Practical and Durable

Autoclavable, ergonomic design that requires minimal maintenance

Quick Identification

Pipette size indicator dial


Fits with EZ-Tip® and all popular plastic denudation and handling pipettes (Ø0.9mm)


Bulb Pipette Denudation and Handling System

EZ-Squeeze™ is a pipette and bulb system for oocyte denudation or oocyte and embryo handling, designed for use with a handle accessory.

The pre-assembled  EZ-Squeeze™ pipette is fitted with an aspiration bulb, creating a reliable seal, which is not always guaranteed with customer assembled systems.  This time-saving combined unit enables a faster set-up and the flexible, shatter-proof medical grade plastic pipette does not scratch Petri dishes, as fragile glass pipettes are prone to do.

EZ-Squeeze™ pipettes are supplied sterile in individually sealed packs with clear, large print and colour coded size information.  The autoclavable EZ-Squeeze™ handle, supplied separately, is designed to offer precision, ease of handling and a comfortable working position.

“We have been purchasing the EZ-Squeeze tips from RI since 2011, the tips allow precise control and secure handling during all lab procedures. We have found the RI supply chain to work flawlessly, from order placement to after sales service – even at very short notice.”

Paul Edward Wilson, Head of Embryology and Andrology, Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine, UK

EZ-Range 7

Key Features


Medical grade plastic pipette fitted with a flexible bulb for a reliable seal and simpler set-up


Unbreakable plastic tip that will not scratch Petri dishes

High Quality

Consistent geometries and smooth edges


Individually packed for sterility and in multipack for convenience and economy


The shelf live of EZ-Squeeze™ is five years


Single-Use Denudation and Handling System

EZ-Strip is a unique registered design, developed for maintaining the most exacting laboratory sterility standards.The EZ-Strip minimises any risk of cross contamination through the use of a complete sterile unit.

Systems using reusable devices or handles cannot make the same guarantees. The EZ-Strip pipette is made of medical grade plastic which will flex and not damage the Petri dish.

Available in nine sizes, including a long version which is ideal for the handling of oocyte in tubes. The shelf life of EZ-Strip is three years.

“At CARE Fertility, we moved over to the EZ range over 12 months ago and our 30 embryologists adapted easily to them. The key reason that we switched over to them was in order to minimise scratching of dishes by glass pipettes. The range is broad and the service and support by RI is very reliable.”

PAlison Campbell, Head of Embryology, Care Fertility Group, UK

EZ-Range 8

Key Features

No Cross Contamination

A complete single-use and sterile unit


Unique registered design

Quick Identification

Colour coded sizes


Ready to use ergonomic design


Available in nine different sizes


The shelf live of EZ-Strip® is three years.

EZ-Grip Specifications

Sample Delivery0.2µl-3µl
Pipette Outer Diameter0.9mm
FunctionActuator to use with EZ-Tip® or plastic pipette tips with an 0.9mm outer diameter
Blow Out UtilityYes
Overall Dimensions127mm length x 18mm diameter at widest point
MaterialAluminium and Stainless Steel
Sterilisation MethodAutoclavable

Product codes

EZ-Tip Order Codes
Nominal SizeUsageColour1 x vial of 20 code(20 pipettes)5 x vial of 20 code(100 pipettes)Singles Code(20 pipettes)
EZ-Grip Order Codes
ProductOrder Code
EZ-Grip® without Comfort Rest7-72-2800
EZ-Grip® with Comfort Rest7-72-2802
EZ-Grip® Spares Kit (1x replacement seals / 1x M2.5 hexagon key / 1x plunger wire)5-72-2000
EZ-Range Stand6-72-2810
EZ-Squeeze Order Codes
Nominal SizeUsageColourPack of 20 Order Codes
145µm LongHandling in tubesWhite7-72-3145L/20
7-72-3002 EZ-Squeeze™ Handle fits all sizes in the EZ-Squeeze™ range
EZ-Strip Codes
Nominal SizeUsageColourPack of 20 Code
145µm LongHandling in tubesWhite7-72-1145L/20

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The pipette is made of medical grade plastic, which will flex and not damage the Petri dish

We have tested EZ-Tip® with the commonly-used denudation pipettors with a 0.9 outer diameter. EZ-Tip® is intended as a high quality replacement for other brands.

EZ-Tip® pipette tips and all popular pipette tips with a 0.9mm outer diameter.

The EZ-Grip® may eventually require a replacement plunger wire and ‘O’ rings after extended use. These can be ordered from RI. One set is supplied with the unit.

Supplied with the EZ-Grip®is a M2.5 hex key tool that is needed to loosen and replace the plunger wire. No tools are required to replace the seal.

We believe we use higher quality component parts to minimise maintenance requirements.

It is compatible with handles with a 4mm inner diameter. However, a EZ-Squeeze™ handle is supplied as required.

It is compatible with pipettes with a 1.5mm outer diameter with a bulb with a 4mm outer diameter.

As a single-use system, EZ-Strip® minimises the risk of cross-contamination, which is of paramount importance in assisted reproduction.

RI has an environmental policy and it limits waste as much as possible. Clinics may consider that the benefits of minimising the risk of cross-contamination outweigh environmental concerns of additional packaging of a single-use item.

The pipette is made of medical grade plastic, which will flex and not damage the Petri dish.

Once a multipack is opened the sterility of each unit is compromised. With individual packaging, the sterility of each EZ-Strip® is guaranteed.



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