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Determining the peak endometrial receptivity

CooperSurgical’s ERPeak test identifies the best day to transfer an embryo by measuring the expression of relevant hormone regulated genes to determine when a patient’s endometrium is most receptive.

This allows you to schedule your patients embryo transfer during the time that their endometrium is most receptive.

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5 times fewer unnecessary repeated mock cycles or invasive biopsies with our ERPeak test compared to other test providers.¹


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Improving outcomes for RIF patients

In an independent study involving 550 RIF patients,² the patients using CooperSurgical’s ERPeak testing observed significantly better outcomes vs patients not utilizing personalized embryo transfer:

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Clinical Pregnancy rates doubled

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Birth rates tripled

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Miscarriage rates halved

First clinical outcomes after personalized embryo transfer using the new
endometrial receptivity test in recurrent implantation failure patients by Ohara et al

Window of Implantation

An embryo is most likely to implant during a period of time called the Window of Implantation (WOI).

The Window of Implantation (WOI) is the short time period during which the endometrium is ready to accept an embryo, i.e. is receptive, for implantation.

This is typically five days after progesterone exposure in an assisted reproduction treatment cycle.

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43.5% of women with recurrent implantation failure (RIF) experience a displaced WOI and this may cause some embryos to fail to implant³

How it works

Our Endometrial Receptivity Test measures the expression of relevant hormone-regulated genes allowing us to determine when a patient’s window should occur, thereby informing the physician of the most suitable time for embryo transfer to increase the likelihood of achieving pregnancy.

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Explaining endometrial receptivity testing to your patients

Our latest video gives your patients a visual guide helping them to understand how their window of implantation is identified to help improve transfer success.

Easy result interpretation

Endometrial Receptivity test results are reported as non-receptive, pre-receptive, receptive,
post-receptive or no result. CooperSurgical will also recommend a time for transfer in cases with pre or post-receptive results.

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