Biopsy and ICSI Microscopes

Biopsy and ICSI Microscopes 3
Biopsy and ICSI Microscopes 1

Microscopes for an optimized IVF procedures flow

CooperSurgical offers ideal solutions to allow optimised ICSI and Biopsy work in the lab. ​

Our workstations can be equipped with inverted microscopes with room for manipulation that offer high resolution and high contrast imaging.

Modulation / Relief Contrast for IVF Procedures​

Also called relief contrast microscopy,or Hoffman modulation contrast, this technique is used when observing colourless, transparent samples. ​

Modulation contrast converts the difference in surface heights of a sample to brightness contrast for observation. This allows for samples to be viewed in 3D and thus this microscopy is suitable for observing sperm and egg cells.​

​Why Modulation Contrast?​

  • ​Specimens appear three dimensional​
  • Observation of cells in plastic containers​
  • Observation of sperms, oocytes, blastocysts and embryos


This product is available for sale in selected countries.

Olympus Configuration

Olympus IX73 Premium​​Olympus IX73 Standard​​
4x Objective​4x, NA 0.1,
WD 18.5mm,
Plan Achro​​
4x, NA 0.1,
WD 18.5mm,
Plan Achro​
10 x Objective​10x, NA 0.25,
WD 9.7mm
10x, NA 0.25,
WD 9.7mm
20x Objective​20x, NA 0.45,
WD 6.6 – 7.8mm,
Semi Apo​​
20x, NA 0.40,
WD 2.8mm
40x Objective​40x, NA 0.6,
WD 2.7-4mm,
Semi Apo​
40x, NA 0.55,
WD 1.9mm
Tilting eyepiecesYesYes
Condenser​Ultra-Long Working Distance Condenser,
NA 0.3/ W.D. 73.3 mm​
Ultra-Long Working Distance Condenser, NA 0.3/ W.D. 73.3 mm​

Nikon Configuration

Nikon Ti2 PremiumNikon Ti2 Standard​​
4x Objective​4x, NA 0.14,
WD 17.1mm,
Plan Flourite​
4x, NA 0.1,
WD 6.2mm,
​Plan Achromat​
10 x Objective​10x, NAMC, NA 0.25,
WD 6.2mm,
10x, NAMC, NA 0.25,
WD 6.2mm,
20x Objective​20x, NAMC, NA 0.45,
WD 7.4mm,
Coverslip correction 0-2mm​
S Plan Flourite​​
20x, NAMC, NA 0.4,
WD 3.1,
Coverslip correction 0-1.2mm,
40x Objective​40x, NAMC, NA 0.6,
WD 3.1mm,
Coverslip correction 0-2mm ​
S Plan Flourite​
40x, NAMC, NA 0.55,
WD 2.1mm
Coverslip Correction 0-2mm,
Tilting eyepiecesNo​No
Condenser​7 manual positions (ø37mm x4, ø39mm x3), LWD/ELWD/CLWD/NAMC condenser lenses are supported​7 manual positions (ø37mm x4, ø39mm x3), LWD/ELWD/CLWD/NAMC condenser lenses are supported

Product codes

ProductOrder Code
Nikon Ti2-U – standardT-17-370
Nikon Ti2-U – premiumT-17-369
Olympus IX73 – standardXNOR-02181​
Olympus IX73 – premium ​XNOR-02182​

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