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Powerful microscopes configured for working with sperm samples

CooperSurgical offers tailored solutions for andrology work in the IVF lab, offering powerful microscopes configured for working with sperm samples. ​ ​
The configuration will enable the andrologists to assess both the quality and the quantity of the sperm. ​

All microscopes come with phase contrast and cold LED illumination. This will offer a high-contrast, high-resolution imaging, while keeping the samples unharmed.​

Phase Contrast for Andrology Microscopes​

Phase contrast is based on light variations caused by light diffraction. Colourless, transparent samples, such as sperm cells, are difficult to image using brightfield, but they generate phase contrast due to their differing refractive indexes or thicknesses. ​
Converting this contrast to brightness contrast enables this type of sample to be observed.​

Why Phase contrast?​
Phase contrast enables the brightfield observation of cells that could only be observed against a dark field. Living specimens can be viewed without needing to be stained, thus protecting the integrity of the samples. ​


This product is available for sale in selected countries.

Olympus Configuration

 Olympus BX43 PremiumOlympus CX43 Standard​
Eyepieces​1 of 10x fixed , 1 of 10x adjustable​1 of 10x fixed , 1 of 10x adjustable​
Eyepiece tube​Tilting Binocular​ ​Binocular ​
Objectives​Plan Achromat (Phase Contrast)​
10xPH NA 0.25​
20xPH NA 0.4​
40xPH NA 0.65​
100xOPH NA 1.25​
​Plan Achromat (Phase Contrast)​
10xPH NA 0.25​
20xPH NA 0.4​
40xPH NA 0.65​
100xOPH NA 1.25​
Condenser​Phase contrast with carousel ​
NA 1.1 (4x–100x)​
Abbe Condenser,​
NA 1.25 (2x–100x)​

Nikon Configuration

Nikon Ci-L Premium​​Nikon ECLIPSE Si​​​
Eyepieces​Eye piece CFI 10x – adjustableEye piece CFI 10x – adjustable
Eyepiece tube​Ergonomic Binocular Tube​​Trinocular Tube, adjustable
Objectives​Plan Achromat (Phase Contrast)​
10x NA 0.25​
20x NA 0.4 ​
40x NA 0.65​​
Achromat (Phase Contrast)​
DL10x NA 0.25​
DL20x NA 0.4​
Plan Achromat ​
40x NA 0.65​
100x Oil NA 1.25/0.23mm​
Condenser​Phase contrast with carousel, NA 0.9, ​
Centering Telescope​
Abbe Condenser, NA 1.25, vertically movable and centerable​​

Product codes

ProductOrder Code
Olympus CX43 – standardXNOR-02187
Olympus BX43 – premiumXNOR-02208
Ci-L – premium​17-151A​
Nikon Eclipse Si Standard​17-151B ​

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