Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is considered Medical Education?

Medical Education Activities are non-promotional activities conducted by third parties independent of CooperSurgical to support healthcare providers (HCPs) in increasing their knowledge about an identified healthcare topic and the full range of treatment options available. All medical education activities eligible for Grant support require that the requesting organization is responsible for development and control of all content, materials, budget, and selection of faculty independent of any CooperSurgical representative.

  1. CooperSurgical may support the following types of educational activities and initiatives:
    1. Cadaver labs, animal labs, wet/dry labs
    2. Residency or student training programs
    3. Training workshops
    4. Conferences and annual meetings
    5. Other applicable educational activities or initiatives
Who can receive a Medical Education Grant?
  1. Organizations eligible to request grants from CooperSurgical include, but are not limited to:
    1. Accredited CME organizations (a.k.a. accredited providers)
    2. Non-accredited medical education/communication companies (MECCs) that regularly conduct independent medical education events
    3. Institutions, such as universities, medical schools, or healthcare facilities (e.g., hospitals, or clinics) that regularly conduct independent medical educational events
    4. Healthcare-related professional organizations (e.g., Association of Reproductive Health Providers or American Society of Reproductive Medicine)
    5. Consumer and patient advocacy organizations
    6. Other organizations that regularly conduct education activities such as national private foundations providing or supporting broad education initiatives
What activities are not supported through the educational grant process?
  1. The following types of activities are not eligible for educational grant support:
    1. Programs not approved by CooperSurgical prior to the date of the event
    2. Requests outside the areas of CooperSurgical business, educational, or research interest.
    3. Requests from individual Health Care Professionals (HCPs), private practice groups, family-or physician-controlled private foundations, Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), or Managed Care Organizations (MCOs)
    4. Trade shows, corporate sponsorships, or exhibit booths
    5. Travel, lodging, or other personal expenses
Does CooperSurgical provide Product/In-Kind support?
  1. Yes, CooperSurgical may provide product/In-Kind support for certain educational activities. In-Kind requests can include any additional educational materials such as pelvic models, demo equipment, loaned materials, or educational brochures.
  2. To request training materials or demonstration products, please review product worksheets and select link(s) applicable to your workshop(s). Your application may require more than one worksheet, based on the type of equipment and number of separate workshops. Save and upload the completed worksheet(s) as attachments to the application.
    1. Paragard Product Worksheet
    2. Endosee Product Worksheet
    3. Other Product Requests Worksheet
  3. If you need more guidance in choosing your materials, please use this link to locate specific products/equipment found in our catalogs:
Does CooperSurgical provide representative support?
  1. Yes, CooperSurgical offers the option of representative support for applications requesting product/in-kind support. In some cases, specific equipment or devices (e.g., simulators) require accompaniment by a CooperSurgical representative to ensure equipment is safely set up and maintained throughout event.
  2. The purpose of CooperSurgical representation at an event is strictly non-promotional.
Can I request multiple workshops for my educational activity?
  1. Yes, applicants can fill out workshop information on the application for a maximum of 4 workshops. For applicants requesting support at more than 4 workshops in a single event, please provide initial information for at least one workshop, then email [email protected] to request additional instructions.
What additional documents are needed to support my request?

The following documents are needed in order to complete your application. Documents marked “required” will need to be submitted by all applicants; as noted below additional documents may be required for specific types of applications.

    1. Request Letter on Legal Letterhead
    2. Sample Invitation or Flyer (Required)
    3. Program or Activity Agenda (Required)
    4. Budget (Required for monetary requests)
    5. Completed W-9 (Required for monetary requests)
    6. Completed Product Worksheet(s) (Required for In-Kind requests)
    7. Template of your organization’s standard Letter of Agreement for Commercial Support of CME (if applicable)
    8. Evaluation or Assessment Tools (if applicable)
    9. 501c3 Letter of Determination (if applicable)
    10. ACCME or other Accreditation Certificates (if applicable)
How do I submit an education grant request?
  1. The Medical Education Grant Application can be accessed by clicking the “Request Funding” button below. If you have any specific questions regarding your application, please email us at [email protected].
Whom do I contact if I am requesting a sponsorship or other type of exhibit support?
  1. For exhibit invitations, sponsorships, or requests for promotional activities at a conference or educational event, please direct all request to the marketing department.
Whom do I contact if I have additional questions about Medical Education Grants?
  1. Please reach out via email to [email protected] with any additional questions.


After reading the Submission Process, click on the link below to complete the Medical Education Grant application.


If you still have questions after reading over the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), please reach out to us.