German-Engineered Gynecological Instruments

Euro-Med® offers stainless steel specula and biopsy punches, “rose-coated” LEEP instruments, and other specialty instruments for control and precision.

Small Cervical Dilator Set Sims Uterine Sounds Pratt Cervical Dilators Mini Cervical Dilator Set Hegar Cervical Dilators Hank Cervical Dilator Set Graves Specula with Smoke Tube for Maximum visibility Euro-Med® LEEP Two-Prong Hook Euro-Med® LEEP Three-Prong Hook Euro-Med® Angle Hooks Euro-Med® Wittner Tip Biopsy Punch Euro-Med® Wider Jaw Mayo-Hegar Needle Holders Euro-Med® Weisman Side Opening Graves Specula Euro-Med® Vu-More™ Specula Euro-Med® Vu-More™ LEEP Coated Specula Euro-Med® Vu-Max™ Vaginal Speculum Euro-Med® Vu-Max™ LEEP Coated Specula Euro-Med® Vulvar Keyes Biopsy Punches Euro-Med® Tru-View™ LEEP Lateral Wall Retractor Euro-Med® Tru-View™ Lateral Wall Retractor Euro-Med® Townsend Endocervical Curette Euro-Med® Tissue Forceps Euro-Med® Tischler-Morgan Classic Biopsy Punch Euro-Med® Tischler-Kevorkian Classic Biopsy Punch Euro-Med® Straight/Curved Metzenbaum Scissors Euro-Med® Straight/Curved Iris Scissors Euro-Med® Straight Operating Scissors Euro-Med® Spencer Suture Scissors Euro-Med® Snowman Specula™ Euro-Med® Sims Endometrial Curette Euro-Med® Side-Opening Pederson Specula Euro-Med® Serrated Dressing Forceps Euro-Med® Serrated Adson Dressing Forceps Euro-Med® Screw/Knob Handle Endocervical Specula Euro-Med® Schubert Tip Biopsy Punch Euro-Med® Schroeder Tenaculum Forceps Euro-Med® Rotating Biopsy Punch Tips Euro-Med® Rotating Biopsy Punch Handles Euro-Med® Rochester-Pean Hemostatic Forceps Euro-Med® Ratchet Handle Endocervical Specula Euro-Med® Randall Endometrial Curette Euro-Med® Prima Series® LEEP Specula Euro-Med® Potts-Smith Tissue Forceps Euro-Med® Potts-Smith Dressing Forceps Euro-Med® Pederson Specula Euro-Med® Novak Endometrial Curette Euro-Med® No-Lock Handle Endocervical Specula Euro-Med® Narrow Jaw Crile-Wood Needle Holders Euro-Med® Mini-Townsend Classic Biopsy Punch Euro-Med® Mini Vu-More™ LEEP Vaginal Specula Euro-Med® Mayo Scissors Euro-Med® Marlow Corkscrew Hook Euro-Med® London Endocervical Curette Euro-Med® LEEP Tissue Forceps Euro-Med® LEEP Open-Sided Specula Euro-Med® LEEP Non-Conductive Width Ruler Euro-Med® LEEP Jackson Retractor Euro-Med® LEEP Iris Hook Euro-Med® LEEP Hook Euro-Med® LEEP Graves Specula with Integrated Smoke Tube Euro-Med® LEEP Endocervical Specula Euro-Med® LEEP Emmett Tenaculum Euro-Med® LEEP Depth Ruler Euro-Med® LEEP Coated Snowman Specula™ Euro-Med® LEEP Coated Single-Tooth Tenaculum Euro-Med® LEEP Coated Ring Forceps Euro-Med® LEEP Coated Pederson Specula Euro-Med® LEEP Coated Graves Specula Euro-Med® LEEP Campion Forceps Euro-Med® Kevorkian-Pacific Classic Biopsy Punch Euro-Med® Kevorkian Tip Biopsy Punch Euro-Med® Kevorkian Endocervical Curette with Basket Euro-Med® Kevorkian Collector Endocervical Curette Euro-Med® Kelly Uterine Forceps Euro-Med® Jackson Vaginal Retractor Euro-Med® IUD Removal Hook Euro-Med® Iris Hook Euro-Med® Hemostatic Kelly Forceps Euro-Med® Hemostatic Adson Forceps Euro-Med® Heaney Curved Needle Holders Euro-Med® Halsted Mosquito Hemostatic Forceps Euro-Med® Graves Specula Euro-Med® Goldstein Grasp Cervical Stabilizer Euro-Med® Foerster Uterine Polyp Forceps Euro-Med® Foerster Sponge Forceps Euro-Med® ExpandaView Euro-Med® Eppendorfer Tip Biopsy Punch Euro-Med® Endocrette Endocervical Curette Euro-Med® Emmett Tenaculum Hook Euro-Med® Double IUD Removal Hook Euro-Med® Double Curved Duplay Tenaculum Euro-Med® Classic Coppleson Biopsy Punch Euro-Med® Classic Baby Tischler Biopsy Punch Euro-Med® Cer-View LEEP Lateral Wall Retractor Euro-Med® Cer-View Lateral Wall Retractor Euro-Med® Burke Classic Biopsy Punch Euro-Med® Braun Tenaculum Forceps Euro-Med® Bozeman Uterine Forceps Euro-Med® Basketless Kevorkian Endocervical Curette Euro-Med® Baggish Classic Biopsy Punch Euro-Med® Auvard Weighted Specula Euro-Med® Auvard Electrosurgical Vaginal Specula Euro-Med® Allis Tissue Forceps Euro-Med® Adson-Brown Grasping Forceps Euro-Med® Adson Tissue Forceps 1 x 2 Serrated Euro-Med® Adson Tissue Forceps Dil-Os Combined Uterine Sound/Dilator

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