Compelling Arguments for Integrating PGT-CompleteSM Test

Compelling Arguments for Integrating PGT-Complete<sup>SM</sup> Test

Alyssa Jones, ASRM 2023

In her presentation titled “Compelling Rationale for Integrating PGT-CompleteSM into your PGT Testing Protocol,” Facility Manager and Embryologist, Alyssa* candidly shares her  experience with PGT-Complete and cases where the test has positively impacted the patient fertility journey, experience and outcomes.


How the Parental QC feature helped reduce the anxiety of a patient and could potentially help safeguard clinics from intentional fraud.


How Genetic PN checks have enabled several additional transfers and produced a live birth.


How the Origin of Aneuploidy feature helped a family accept clinician recommendations for their fertility care journey.


The benefit of conducting buccal swabs on all gamete providers.

Listen to her patient stories illustrate why Alyssa continues to use our PGT-CompleteSM test for her PGT-A testing, and why she recommends you consider doing the same.

*Alyssa received an honorarium for this testimonial

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