ERPeak® Test

ERPeak® Test

The right time is key for successful embryo transfer

Your endometrium is at its most receptive for an embryo during a period known as the window of implantation (WOI). If you are undergoing IVF, the WOI is usually five full days after you begin taking progesterone (or seven days after the LH surge in a natural cycle).

Your doctor may refer to this as P+5 (or LH+7) and they will commonly schedule an embryo transfer for this day. However, for some women the WOI may occur earlier or later, e.g., at P+4 or P+6, (or LH+6 or LH+8).

How can the ERPeak® test help me?

The ERPeak test helps to determine your window of implantation and when your endometrium may be most receptive.² This will guide your IVF team with a precise embryo transfer window.


How it works

Our Endometrial Receptivity Test measures the expression of relevant hormone-regulated genes allowing us to determine when your window of implantation should occur, thereby informing your clinician of the most suitable time for embryo transfer to increase the likelihood of achieving pregnancy.


Improving outcomes with ERPeak

In an independent study involving 550 patients, ERPeak resulted in significantly better outcomes for RIF patients vs patients not using personalized embryo transfer²:embryo transfer:

ERPeak® Test 4

Clinical Pregnancy rates doubled

ERPeak® Test 6

Birth rates tripled

ERPeak® Test 8

Miscarriage rates halved

ERPeak® Test 10

43.5% of women with recurrent implantation failure (RIF) experience a displaced WOI and this may cause some embryos to fail to implant³

Learn more about endometrial receptivity testing?

Our latest video gives you a visual guide to understand how your WOI is identified to help improve transfer success.

ERPeak® Test 11


Your window of implantation may be later than when you had your biopsy

ERPeak® Test 13


Your window of implantation mirrors when you had your biopsy

ERPeak® Test 15


Your window of implantation may be earlier than when you had your biopsy

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