ER-Complete℠ Test

ER-Complete℠ Test

The ER-Complete test may help determine a personalized transfer time and optimal environment for your embryo(s) to implant

Research shows that dysbiosis (an imbalance of microbes) in your endometrium may cause an inflammatory and unfavorable environment that can negatively
impact implantation.1

On the other hand, presence in the endometrium of a certain type of bacteria (Lactobacillus) is associated with positive outcomes, such as an increased embryo implantation rate.
An endometrium with greater than or equal to 90% lactobacillus has been shown to have higher implantation rates.2,3

Other microbes that are known to be disease-spreading (pathogens) are associated with reduced implantation rates as they can have an adverse impact on implantation of an embryo, or other serious health consequences.2,3

How can the ER-CompleteSM test help me?

ER-Complete is a test performed on a biopsy (small sample) taken from your endometrium during a mock IVF cycle.
This test gives you three results which help you and your IVF clinician:

  • Determine your personalized embryo transfer time
  • Evaluate your endometrial environment
  • Understand if specific reproductive tract bacteria are present

Why is it important to check endometrial health?

Endometrial testing could help you if:

  • You have a history of recurrent implantation failure (RIF)
  • You want to understand if your endometrium is at an ideal stage for embryo transfer

Our ER-Complete test can help ensure the endometrium timing and environment is most optimal for an embryo transfer. It provides you with a complete view of your endometrium, with actionable results and may give you a better chance of a successful pregnancy.

Your IVF clinician will determine if ER-Complete is right for you, guide you through the testing process, and help you understand your results.

ER-Complete is a comprehensive assessment of your endometrial receptivity, combining both ERPeak® and ERBiomeSM tests.


Please note that ERPeak test and ERBiome test can also be ordered separately.

ER-Complete℠ Test 3


Right Time

The right time is key for successful
embryo transfer


ERBiomeSM Test

Right Environment

The right environment is key for
successful embryo transfer


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