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Parent’s #1 choice for newborn stem cell preservation

With over 25 years of experience, Insception Lifebank is a proud partner of leading Canadian hospitals and is the #1 choice for parents for newborn stem cell preservation. Today, parents of more than 1 million babies have preserved with our group of cord blood banks.

Cord Blood and Tissue Preservation

Rich in powerful stem cells that may help prepare your family for a healthier future.

Cord blood stem cells can be used as part of a stem cell transplant to help rebuild the immune system for certain cancers, blood and immune system disorders, and metabolic contitions.1

1-Mayani, H., Wagner, J.E. & Broxmeyer, H.E. Cord blood research, banking, and transplantation: achievements, challenges, and perspectives. Bone Marrow Transplant 55, 48–61 (2020).

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