ORIGIO® Micropipettes

ORIGIO® Micropipettes 2

Trusted micropipettes for micromanipulation procedures

The range of ORIGIO micropipettes is extensive, catering to various stages of the IVF cycle. Each micropipette is specifically crafted for clinical applications, spanning all micromanipulation procedures and is meticulously designed to meet the standards of clinical use, helping to ensure precision and reliability in tasks such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), embryo biopsy, and assisted hatching.

  • First to market commercially! Quality pipettes available since 1992
  • More than 1.5 million micropipettes manufactured each year
  • Automated production – focus on innovation, consistency and deliverability
  • Every pipette is checked and measured repeatedly during manufacture

ORIGIO micropipettes are designed to be used in conjunction with a micromanipulator syringe, within the micromanipulation equipment system, and with a microscope.

These products are available for sale in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia, as well as selected countries in the rest of the world.

In 1992 the first commercial high-quality micropipettes for IVF professionals were marketed by ORIGIO, previously Humagen.


All our ORIGIO micropipettes are packaged in a transparent compact box of 10.

  • Minimizes the space taken up on your shelves
  • Allows for a very quick overview of how many pipettes are left
  • Tip protector included in each micropipette tube

Please watch the video if you would like to see how easy it is to take an ORIGIO micropipette out of its packaging.

ORIGIO® ICSI Micropipettes

Our extensive range of ICSI micropipettes is versatile and precisely designed to inject sperm into oocytes . We offer a large range so we can meet the diverse needs and preferences of embryologists worldwide. Whether you need specific dimensions or have ergonomic requirements, our ICSI micropipettes offer a suite of options to help enhance performance in the lab.

Our customer’s favourite: ICSI SlimLine

The size of these popular pipettes is designed to help maximize normal fertilization rate.4

ICSI SlimLine pipettes are designed with a long parallel taper that some will find more flexible than our standard ICSI pipettes. When injecting they keep the rigidity that users like from the ORIGIO micropipettes.


“The design of the new ICSI Slimline pipet allows for an extremely gentle injection procedure, which practically eliminates oocyte damage.”

Marlena Duke, M.Sc.,
Embryology Laboratory Director, RMA of New York

The ORIGIO SlimLine ICSI micropipette is designed with a small inner diameter and a longer parallel taper to:

  • Provide enhanced fluid control 1, 2
  • Maximize normal fertilization rate4
  • Minimize postinjection degeneration 2
  • Reduction in tripronuclear fertilization 2
  • Increase the proportion of good-quality embryos and higher cell numbers 2
  • Help minimize damage to the oocyte by creating a small entry point


Classic ORIGIO ICSI Micropipettes

If you do prefer a pipette with a short taper, we have a full range of ICSI micropipettes available.

Key features

  • Short taper when a more rigid tip is needed; some find this easier to puncture the oocyte
  • Small inner diameter minimizes the likelihood of oocyte damage 1, 2, 3
  • Short bevel helps reduce the risk of sperm getting caught on glass surface during injection

Spike or no spike? it is your choice!

  • Most ORIGIO ICSI micropipettes are designed with fine spikes for easy penetration of the zona pellucida and minimized oocyte distortion.5 Users like this feature as it gives them a feeling of a sharper micropipette.
  • We also have ORIGIO ICSI micropipettes with no spike for embryologists more focused on decreasing the risk of ooplasm leakage after ICSI, and cytoplasm aspiration: 3,5 MIC-NSP-0, MIC-NSP-30, MIC-NSP-35 and MICC001-30-B1.0.

Good to know

  • CooperSurgical ICSI micropipettes with a large Inner Diameter (I.D.) are designed to easily pick up sperm from surgically retrieved sperm samples.6
  • MIC-50-xx ICSI micropipettes are designed to minimize trauma to the oocyte during the injection process.5
  • ICSI micropipettes with a flat tip can be used for Piezo-ICSI: 5 MICC048-0 or MICC048-25.

There are several different types of ICSI micropipettes available, each with their unique characteristics and features. The most common types include blunt and sharp-tipped micropipettes, as well as micropipettes with a beveled or angled tip. The choice of micropipette will depend on factors such as the size and quality of the oocytes and sperm being used, the preferences of the fertility specialist or embryologist, and the specific requirements of the fertility treatment.

To optimize results, ICSI micropipettes should be used together with a high-quality microscope, a micromanipulation system and well-functioning injectors.

Using an ICSI micropipette requires skill and precision, as the technique is highly delicate and requires a well-trained hand. Regular training and practice can improve your technique and help ensure consistent results. Read more about our possibilities for training here: 

ORIGIO® Biopsy Micropipettes

Our micropipettes are designed with precision and flexibility in mind, supporting operators with the right tools for the distinct requirements with all IVF biopsy techniques.

From polar body examinations to blastomere and trophectoderm procedures, our tailored biopsy micropipettes help to empower handlers with the reliability and performance needed to excel in the intricacies of genetic testing.

  • Designed to remove polar bodies or other cells for genetic analysis
  • Polar body biopsy micropipette options are: flat/polished, beveled/polished, and beveled/spiked
  • CooperSurgical biopsy pipettes with flat tips are designed to reduce the risk of damaging the cells or embryos during biopsy6
  • Blastomere biopsy options come in five sizes and include small – medium: a range of inner diameter (20-30µm ID) allow biopsy of blastomeres and trophectoderm

Changing the biopsy pipette for each embryo/oocyte to avoid cross-contamination.7

It is the same as for any micropipette used for aspiration, such as ICSI pipettes.

All our pipettes should be stored in the original unopened packaging, away from contamination, moisture and direct heat at room temperature.

ORIGIO® Holding Micropipettes

  • Large diameter ratio for enhanced control
  • High-quality holding micropipettes from the first name in micropipettes
  • Four sizes offered to cover all micromanipulation needs: small, medium, large, and extra large

ORIGIO® Assisted Hatching Micropipettes

  • To mechanically create a breach in the zona pellucida around the oocyte or embryo with the sharp tip of the micropipette
  • Assisted Hatching Micropipettes have a blunt, slightly polished opening
  • Two Inner Diameter sizes offered: 8 or 10µm

ORIGIO® Partial Zona Dissection (PZD) Micropipettes

  • To mechanically create a breach in the zona pellucida around the oocyte or embryo with the sharp tip of the micropipette
  • PZD pipette is pulled with a long thin taper to a sharp point
  • Available angle options: 30 or 35 degrees


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Product codes

ICSI Micropipettes

TypeOrder CodeBend angles (XX in ref. no.)Tip to bend distanceBevel angleInner diameter(μm)Taper type
ICSI SlimLineMIC-SLM-XX0, 20, 25, 30, 350.5mm35-40°4.3-4.9µmParallel Taper
ICSI SlimLineMIC-SLM-XX-B1.030, 351mm35-40°4.3-4.9µmParallel Taper
ICSIMIC-35-XX30, 350.5mm30-35°5.0-5.5µmStandard Taper
ICSIMIC-35-XX-B1.030, 351mm30-35°5.0-5.5µmStandard Taper
ICSIMIC-SI-XX20, 25, 30, 350.5mm35-40°5.0-5.5µmStandard Taper
ICSIMIC-SI-XX-B1.030, 351mm35-40°5.0-5.5µmStandard Taper
ICSIMIC-50-XX0, 20, 25, 30, 350.5mm50°5.0-5.5µmStandard Taper
ICSIMIC-50-XX-B1.0301mm50°5.0-5.5µmStandard Taper
Large ICSIMIC-8-XX300.5mm50°6.2-7.0µmStandard Taper
Large ICSIMIC-9-XX30, 350.5mm40-45°6.5-8.0µmStandard Taper

Holding Micropipettes

TypeOrder CodeBend angles (XX in ref. no.)Tip to bend distanceInner diameter(μm)Outer diameter(μm)
Small HoldingMPH-SM-XX0, 20, 25, 30, 350.4mm17-22µm77-87µm
Medium HoldingMPH-MED-XX0, 20, 25, 30, 350.4mm17-22µm100-110µm
Medium HoldingMPH-MED-XX-B1.030, 351.0mm17-22µm100-110µm
Large HoldingMPH-LG-XX0, 20, 25, 30, 350.4mm23-28µm110-125µm
Extra Large HoldingMPH-XLG-XX0, 25, 30, 350.4mm23-28µm130-145µm

Biopsy Micropipettes

Tip typeOrder CodeBend angles (XX in ref. no.)Tip to bend distanceBevelInner diameter(μm)
Flat and PolishedMBB-FP-SM-XX0, 20, 25, 30, 350.4mm27.5-32.5
Flat and PolishedMBB-FP-M-XX0, 20, 25, 30, 350.4mm32.5-37.5
Flat and PolishedMBB-FP-L-XX30, 350.4mm37.5-42.5
Flat and PolishedMBB-FP-XXS-XX30, 350.4mm18.22
Flat and PolishedMBB-FP-XS-XX30, 350.4mm23-27
Bevelled and PolishedMBB-BP-SM-XX30, 350.4mm45°27.5-32.5
Bevelled and PolishedMBB-BP-M-XX30, 350.4mm45°32.5-37.5
Small, Bevelled and SpikedMPB-BS-XX300.45mm45°14-16
Small, Flat and PolishedMPB-FP-XX300.45mm13-15

Hatching and Dissection

TypeOrder CodeBend angles (XX in ref. no.)Tip to bend distanceInner diameter(μm)
Assisted HatchingMAH-SM-XX30, 350.4mm8-10µm
Zona DissectionPZD-XX30, 350.45mm

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