H/S Elliptosphere Catheter Set/Procedure Tray

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H/S Elliptosphere

The Elliptosphere balloon's contour and variable size permit secure placement for optimal visualization in the cervical canal or uterine cavity.  The balloon’s unique design prevents retrograde leakage of distension media, which facilitates peak uterine distention.  A small catheter size enables placement next to ultrasound probe for minimal patient discomfort.  The H/S Elliptosphere Catheter features latex-free construction and can be used with oil- or saline-based medium.  The Catheter is available in two versions – with and without an integrated stylet and is also as a complete H/S Procedure tray. The H/S Elliptosphere procedure tray includes:

• 5 Fr catheter set (61-4005) in sterile pouch 
• Fenestrated drape 
• Disposable speculum 
• Disposable cervical dilator 
• Three swab sticks 
• One wide swab 
• Sterile wrap
• Two 3" x 3" gauze pads; 
• Inner tray for Povidone-iodine solution 
• Povidone-iodine Ointment 
• Two packs of Povidone-iodine solution 
• 36” extension tube 
• 20 cc syringe with 18-gauge needle 
• Lubricating jelly packet 
• Sanitary napkin
Parts & Accessories
61-4005 H/S Elliptosphere Catheter, 5 Fr (10/Box)H/S Elliptosphere Catheter Set/Procedure Tray
H/S Elliptosphere
61-4005S H/S Elliptosphere Catheter Set with Integrated Stylet (10/Box)H/S Elliptosphere Catheter Set/Procedure Tray
H/S Elliptosphere
61-4205 H/S Elliptosphere Tray with 5 Fr Catheter (10/Case)H/S Elliptosphere Catheter Set/Procedure Tray
H/S Elliptosphere
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