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Reusable sperm counting chamber

Key Features

  • Sperm count performed with an undiluted specimen makes chamber easy to use
  • Delivers fast results measuring concentration in millions/mL without additional calculations
  • Optimal depth of 10 microns eliminates blurring and allows the applied sample to be observed in one focal plane
  • The grid is built in the cover glass for ease of use
  • Economical due to reusability
  • Easy to clean with a non-bleach disinfectant solution
  • Accuracy ensured by knowing the cover glass can never be raised by the applied sample
  • No need for calibration
  • Manufactured by state-of-the-art precision engineering
  • Checked individually by laser beam for precision and accuracy


This product is available in selected countries.

Product codes

ProductUS Order CodeGlobal Order Code
Makler Chamber with gridded coverglassSEF-MAKL010001
Makler Chamber for Inverted MicroscopeSEF-MAKINV010021
 Coverglass with GridSEF-CGWG010002
Coverglass for Inverted Makler Chamber
Available for sale in the USA only

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