Wallach® Fetal2EMR Fetal Monitor

Wallach® Fetal2EMR Fetal Monitor 1

The Wallach Fetal2EMR Fetal Monitor is intended for non-invasive monitoring of a single or twin fetuses during antepartum examination, labor and delivery. It can externally monitor the Fetal Heart Rates (FHRs) using ultrasound and uterine activity via a TOCO transducer.

Product codes

ProductOrder Code
Fetal2EMR Fetal Monitor and Accessories902300-R
Fetal2EMR Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery902350
Fetal2EMR Rolling Cart with Tray902340
Fetal2EMR Rolling Cart without Tray902341
Fetal2EMR Insight Software and Accessories902320
Wallach FHR/probe/ultrasound Transducer (4-pin)902302
Wallach FHR/probe/ultrasound Transducer (6-pin)902302-R

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