PGT-Complete℠ Test

PGT-Complete℠ Test

PGT-Complete is our most comprehensive PGT-A test

The PGT-Complete test provides our most comprehensive screening of your embryos, allowing you and your physician to make fully-informed embryo transfer decisions.


All the benefits of our innovative PGTai® 2.0 to improve the chances of IVF success


Parental QC*
Provides patients reassurance that the intended egg and sperm were used, to help reduce parental anxiety of potential mix-ups


Genetic PN check
Gives the capability to identify and rescue true 2PN embryos from morphologically identified 0, 1, and 3PN embryos, to confidently enable additional euploid embryo transfers


Origin of aneuploidy
Supports the clinic and patient, by identifying the origin of abnormality, to guide future decisions

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PGT-Complete℠ Test 3

” Keep up this great work!
It is especially impressive with the amount of data you have. It gives great confidence to clinicians and ultimately our patients! “

Karen Sage, MSc, GC, Co-Founder, Fertility Genetics

How is our PGT-A test different?

CooperSurgical® uses artificial intelligence (PGTai® Platform) to analyze your embryo data

How our test works

Our artificial intelligence platform is based on thousands of embryos that resulted in healthy live births. This means the chromosomal status of your embryo is checked against the data taken from these embryos, improving the accuracy of our test.

How PGTai® Platform benefits you compared to other PGT-A technology

  • Has been shown to increase ongoing pregnancy and live birth rates2
  • Biochemical pregnancy loss rates and spontaneous abortion reduced2
  • More euploid embryos available for transfer4
PGT-Complete℠ Test 5

Parental QC*

Reassuring you by confirming the correct egg and sperm have been used

Today’s IVF patient is more educated, motivated, and involved in their treatment than ever before. The Parental QC test feature confirms a match** between the embryo biopsy sample and the provided patient samples through DNA fingerprinting. DNA fingerprinting allows us to match each sample to a unique individual. This reduces the anxiety of potential mix-ups.

* Parental QC is not reported in countries where it is not permitted by regulatory bodies.
**A match is defined as a genetic analysis that is consistent with a shared inheritance and familial relationship between the parental samples and the embryo biopsy sample

Genetic PN check

Empowering additional embryo transfers

Empowering your clinical team with additional embryos for transfer with Genetic PN (pronuclear) checking, you can feel confident that all available euploid embryos are given every opportunity to be genetically tested, increasing transfer potential. Moreover, if you have a history of triploid loss or a partial/molar pregnancy, Genetic PN checking may help to avoid these challenges on your next transfer.

Origin of aneuploidy

Empowering your patients

The origin of aneuploidy feature included in our PGT-Complete analysis provides a direct assessment of gametic contribution to embryo aneuploidy, helping your patient make informed donor gamete decisions.

For patients considering donor gametes it is important to understand that not all aneuploidy is maternally derived, as often paternal contribution to aneuploidy can be overlooked.


Simple test process

Designed with the patient in mind every step of the way

At CooperSurgical, we recognize that each sample that comes through our laboratory belongs to an individual or family with their own unique story and journey. We take a personalized approach to patient care and clinical service.


PGT-Complete selected on test requistion form


Embryo biopsy and parental cheek (buccal) swabs collected & shipped to CooperGenomics


Samples analyzed and reported back to the clinic


Genetic testing consultation is available before or after testing


1. JBRA Assist Reprod. 2020 Apr-Jun; 24(2): 143–146. Blastocysts Derived From 0PN Oocytes: Genetic And Clinical Results

2. Buldo-Licciardi J, Large M, McCulloh D, McCaffrey C, Grifo J. Second generation artificial intelligence technology for preimplantation genetic testing (PRT) improves pregnancy outcomes in single thawed euploid embryo transfer cycles (STEET).
Presented at American Society for Reproductive Medicine on October 19, 2020. Available at: Accessed Feb 18, 2022.

3. CooperGenomics, internal data on file.

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