Excellent Exposure and Control for Uterine Manipulation

Improved “Margin of Safety” in Pelvic Laparoscopic Procedures

The Koh-Efficient system combines the Koh Cup™ and pneumo-occlusion balloon into one device.

A key challenge in total laparoscopic hysterectomy is the identification, management, and safekeeping of the ureters and uterine arteries during the procedure. The RUMI® II and Advincula Arch™, along with the Koh-Efficient, are designed to fit securely over the cervix to place the vaginal fornix on stretch. The delineation provides a visual landmark and backstop for dissection while distancing the colpotomy incision from the uterers. This creates a “margin of safety” allowing the surgeon to continue the procedure with confidence. The locking handle maintains tip orientation and uterine position – both crucial to success of the procedure.

Easy Load: The Simple Way to Achieve Efficiency and Greater Patient Safety

Based on extensive testing and surgeon feedback, the loading mechanism in the Koh-Efficient has been designed to assure a snug fit with no struggle. With this easy-load innovation, it’s easier to correctly position the Koh-Efficient. In addition, specially engineered catheter retention channels are integrated into the RUMI II handle for improved site management. Both of these advanced features help reduce valuable surgical time and effort.

The Koh-Efficient is available in four sizes to suit your patient’s anatomy, and is offered in both Ultem® polymeric resin (for use with electro-surgical cutting devices) and stainless steel (for use with harmonic scalpel and laser procedures).

Key Benefits

  • Robust Koh Cup provides a precise and stable cutting surface
  • Occluder balloon is pre-attached on the Koh-Efficient
  • Visual and audio indicators alert you when cup is locked into position
  • Locking handle maintains tip orientation and uterine position while permitting 140 degrees of articulation at the cervix.
Koh-Efficient brand RUMI® II Uterine Manipulator

Product Range

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