Wallach WA1000B Cryo Console System

The WA1000B console offers the ideal combination of easy-to-use controls and built in safety features. It uses the powerful LL100 two-trigger freezer for Nitrous Oxide. (Carbon Dioxide units are designed differently due to the properties of the gas.) Freeze and defrost only occur when triggered and can be stopped instantly. A console-mounted switch must be activated to permit gas to flow into the LL100 and a color-coded gauge provides gas pressure reading at a glance. The Temperature Indicator gives surgeons unparalleled control and efficiency during cryosurgery. A large selection of reusable sterilizable cryotips and disposable plastic shields are available.

  • All the advantages of the LL100 Freezer.
  • Precise read-out of tip temperature on thermocoupled tips.
  • Audible freeze timer starts when freezing temperature is reached and displays total time the tip is actually freezing.

Parts & Accessories
900506-1-N2O WA1000B Cryosurgical Console – Blank N<sub>2</sub>O LL100
900506-1-CO2 WA1000B Cryosurgical Console – Blank CO<sub>2</sub> LL100
900506-2-N2O WA1000B Cryosurgical Console – Digital Temp. (N<sub>2</sub>O) Indicator, Timer, Base and LL100
900506-2-CO2 WA1000B Cryosurgical Console – Digital Temp. (CO<sub>2</sub>) Indicator, Timer, Base and LLCO2

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