Wallach Cryosurgical Tips

Our cryosurgical systems deliver fast and precise freeze and are available with a wide selection of cryotips with disposable plastic shields. We offer single-trigger and our exclusive two-trigger designs that freeze and defrost with greater control.

Parts & Accessories
900300AA T-0200
900301AA T-0500
900302AA T-0700
900303AA T-0900
900305AA T-1300
900306AA T-1500
900200AA T-0219
900300AA T-0219
900202AA T-0524
900203AA T-0519
900204AA T-0832
900205AA T-0819
900206AA T-0826
900207AA T-0823
900208AA T-1900
900209AA T-1905
900210AA T-1920
900211AA T-1910
900212AA T-1920
900213AA T-2500
900214AA T-2507
900215AA T-2514
900217AA T-0832

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