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A Broad Portfolio of High Quality Medical Devices

Over 30 Years of Proven Performance

The Wallach brand is now part of CooperSurgical products. You can find information on all Wallach Surgical products on CooperSurgical.com.

The Wallach brand includes a wide range of trusted products including industry-leading colposcopes, cryosurgical systems, fetal and vascular doppler systems, obstetrics systems and stainless steel instruments and disposables.

Wallach medical products are designed for a broad range of medical procedures. We support your practice with superior service, high-quality products, value pricing, and a commitment to improved patient outcomes for a wide range of practitioners including

  • Gynecologists
  • Obstetricians
  • Infertility specialists
  • Dermatologists
  • General practitioners

CooperSurgical’s Wallach product line offers superior safety, reliability, performance and exceptional value. They have been trusted by physicians and improving medical care for over 30 years. 

Product Range

The list below provides direct links to products in the Wallach portfolio



ZoomScope® with Trulight™

ZoomStar® with Trulight™

Cryosurgical Systems

LL100™ System (N2O)

LLCO2™ System

WA1000B™ Cryo Console System

Cryosurgical Tips

LEEP - Electrosurgical Systems

Disposable Loop Electrodes

Electrosurgical System Accessories

Gynecology Instruments

Coated Specula, Hooks, Forceps and Other Instruments

Uncoated Specula

Uncoated Wall Retractor

Uncoated Endocervical Speculum

Biopsy Punches

Uncoated Curettes and Hooks

Cervical Dilators and Sounds

Single Use Products



Disposable Speculum

Disposable Sound

Disposable Os Finder

The Inseminator™


Fetal Monitors


Fetal2EMR™ Insight Software

Fetal Dopplers and Probes

LifeDop® 150

LifeDop® 250

LifeDop® 350

LifeDop® Probes

Vascular Assessment

Vascular Dopplers and Probes

LifeDop® 150

LifeDop® 250

LifeDop® 350

LifeDop® Probes

ABI Vascular Systems

Vista AVS®

Vista ABI™

LifeDop® 250 ABI

LifeDop® 300 ABI

Vantage ABI™

Doppler Cuffs and Accessories

Dermatologic Cryosurgery

Cryosurgical System