ALLY Uterine Positioning System®

Uterine Positioning System that Provides Exceptional Static Control

Table-Mounted System Designed for to Provide a Full Range of Motion

The ALLY Uterine Positioning System is made to give surgeons and their teams the exposure and control needed to perform efficient laparoscopic procedures. The ALLY UPS provides surgeons with a full range of motion during operative and diagnostic procedures and is made to easily mount and position both RUMI® II, Advincula Arch™ and Advincula Delineator™ uterine manipulators.

The ALLY UPS benefits include:

  • Securely holding the uterus in position for optimal visualization, access, and patient safety
  • Freeing assistants to perform other tasks during procedures
  • Offering easy access with greater efficiency, even in limited workspaces

And much more.

ALLY table-mounted Uterine Positioning System with uterine manipulator attached