Wallach Doppler Blood Pressure Cuffs & Accessories

Wallach Doppler Blood Pressure Cuffs & Accessories A155

Wide selection of cuffs and accessories

Parts & Accessories
A155 Audio Cable Replacement for Probe Connection (for use with all handheld and tabletop Dopplers)
ASY0022 Aneroid
C100 10 cm Ankle Cuff and Hose Assembly
C120 12 cm Arm Cuff and Hose Assembly
C019 1.9 cm Digit Cuff and Hose Assembly
C025 2.5 cm Digit Cuff and Hose Assembly
C120L 12 cm Long Cuff and Hose Assembly
C170 17 cm Contoured Thigh Cuff and Hose Assembly
C075 7.5 cm Metatarsal Cuff and Hose Assembly
SD5V 5 MHz Bi-Directional Probe (Vista AVS/ABI)
SD5B 5 MHz Bi-Directional Probe (LifeDop)
G150 Ultrasound Gel (60 grams)
G155 Ultrasound Gel (250 grams)
H150 Stereo Headset
K180 Adhesive backed label paper (5 rolls)
K185 Label paper (5 rolls)
K200 Sturdy, 5-caster Stand with Storage Basket. (Works with any handheld LifeDop. To purchase a handheld Doppler stand without a storage basket, order Model # K230.)
K260 Convenient, Lightweight Carrying Case with a Strap and Velcro Closure. This case is included with the purchase of an L250AB, L250AC, or L300AC. Dimensions: 9 in. x 7 in. x 5 in.
K290 Cuff Selector
MKT0042 ABI Report Forms – Pack of 50 report forms for L250 ABI System

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