Wallach Disposable Loop Electrodes

Wallach Disposable Loop Electrodes 909038

  • Sterile, single use only
  • Tungsten wire
  • 13cm shaft (unless otherwise specified)
  • Five per box
  • High quality, made in the U.S.A.

Parts & Accessories
909038 3mm Ball
909003 5mm Ball
909136 5mm Ball(6cm Shaft)
909133 10mm x 7mm Loop(1.0cm x 0.7cm)
909134 15mm x 5mm Loop(1.5cm x 0.5cm)
909011 15mm x 8mm Loop(1.5cm x 0.8cm)
909007 10mm x 10mm Loop(1.0cm x 1.0cm)
909013 20mm x 8mm Loop(2.0cm x 0.8cm)
909135 0.8mm Dia. X 16mm Needle (5.5cm Shaft)
909131 10mm x 10mm Square(1.0cm x 1.0cm)
909005 0.8mm Dia. X 25.4mm Large Needle(12.7cm Shaft)
909017 10mm x 8mm Square (1.0cm x 0.8cm)
909132 20mm x 10mm Loop (2.0cm x 1.0cm)
909009 20mm x 15mm Loop (2.0cm x 1.5cm)

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