Milex Omniflex Style Diaphragm

Milex Omniflex Style Diaphragm MXWF60

The Milex Wide-Seal Omniflex Style Diaphragm has a distortion-free spring that provides arc no matter where the rim is compressed, providing increased suction for added protection. The patented Milex Wide-Seal Diaphragms are made of silicone and completely latex-free. Must be used with spermicidal gel.

If you are not a healthcare professional, please direct your questions regarding diaphragms to your physician.

Parts & Accessories
MXWF80 Omniflex Diaphragm 80 mm
MXWF85 Omniflex Diaphragm 85 mm
MXWF90 Omniflex Diaphragm 90 mm
MXWF95 Omniflex Diaphragm 95 mm
MXWF60 Omniflex Diaphragm 60 mm
MXWF65 Omniflex Diaphragm 65 mm
MXWF70 Omniflex Diaphragm 70 mm
MXWF75 Omniflex Diaphragm 75 mm

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