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CooperSurgical is committed to supporting Investigator-Initiated Studies (IIS) that seek to advance medical and scientific knowledge, facilitate diagnosis, and improve clinical outcomes or the standard of care. Such clinical studies can play a crucial role in answering important questions regarding CooperSurgical’s products and their related therapeutic areas.

IIS are conceived, initiated, and conducted by an independent investigator who has complete responsibility to conduct and administer the research program. CooperSurgical may support IIS with product supply, material, or information, as allowed under local laws and regulations, provided that they align with the CooperSurgical-defined areas of strategic interest.

Please note that CooperSurgical is currently providing limited monetary support for IIS.

Types of IIS Eligible for Support
  • Clinical studies of approved and investigational uses, involving marketed CooperSurgical products or those still in development
  • Clinical observational studies
  • Outcomes research studies on patient population outcomes or pharmacoeconomics
Research Areas of Interest

CooperSurgical supports research that addresses healthcare topics and patient care needs adequately aligned with our current medical, educational and scientific areas of interest. For more information on our current research areas of interest, please contact us at [email protected].


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