Submission Process

Overview of the Application Process

Requests for Medical Education Grants need to be submitted at least 60 business days (Standard Response Time) prior to the scheduled event date.

CooperSurgical requires that an agreement is fully executed prior to the start date of the program content development or activity.  Please plan ahead to ensure a decision and contract execution, if approved, can be completed to meet your deadline.

The Medical Education Grant Application can be accessed by clicking the “Request Funding” button below. If you have any specific questions regarding your application, please email us at [email protected].

1. Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for Grant support, all proposed Medical Education Activities must meet the following criteria:

  • Meet a legitimate health education or medical education objective.
  • Serve a broad audience of HCPs or healthcare organizations.
  • Be objective, balanced, and scientifically rigorous with evidence that the education supports a full range of treatment options.
  • Be developed independently of CooperSurgical employees or subsidiaries.
  • Demonstrate independent control by the conference organizers or program faculty regarding conference content, topics, faculty, invites, presentations, materials, and educational methods.
2. Submitting a Grant Request

The funding application requires information for the applying organization as well as details pertaining to the educational event/initiative itself. This includes, but is not limited to, the educational need for this program, its learning objectives and goals, evaluation methods for those objectives, and the types of support requested.

The following documents are needed in order to complete your application. Documents marked “required” will need to be submitted by all applicants; as noted below additional documents may be required for specific types of applications. To request training materials or demonstration products, please review product worksheets and complete those applicable to your workshop(s).

  • Request Letter on Legal Letterhead
  • Sample Invitation or Flyer (required)
  • Program or Activity Agenda (Required)
  • Budget (Required for monetary requests)
  • Completed W-9 (Required for monetary requests)
  • Completed Product Worksheet(s) (Required for In-Kind requests)
  • Template of your organization’s standard Letter of Agreement for Commercial Support of CME (if applicable)
  • Evaluation or Assessment Tools (if applicable)
  • 501c3 Letter of Determination (if applicable)
  • ACCME or other Accreditation Certificates (if applicable)

Please note that submitting a request does not guarantee you and/or your organization will receive funding.

3. Submission Review

CooperSurgical considers a variety of factors when making funding decisions. The Grant Review Committee (GRC) will discuss and either accept or decline the grant proposal based on current budget resources, the quality of the educational activities and its respective learning objectives, and whether it addresses healthcare topics or patient care needs adequately aligned with our current areas of interest. CooperSurgical will only fund requests for activities that are in compliance with all applicable codes, guidelines, and laws.

It is important to note that submissions can be approved at an amount less than the requested amount. Please do not assume your request has been approved without confirmation from a CooperSurgical Medical Affairs representative.

Requestors will receive an email notification of approval or denial after the GRC has made its decisions. CooperSurgical requires that a fully executed agreement, signed by the requesting Medical Education Provider and CooperSurgical, be completed prior to the commencement of the Medical Education program.


After reading the Submission Process, click on the link below to complete the Medical Education Grant application.


If you still have questions after reading over the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), please reach out to us.