Trophectoderm Biopsy and Cell Preparation for PGT – virtual

Course Details

Pre-course self-study module with an assessment to be completed before the course

  • One live module of 75 minutes and one live module of 60 minutes including lecturing and interactive exercises
  • One module of 60 minutes for interactive questioning and answering

Course Description

This course will be a step-by-step guide to trophectoderm biopsy and cell preparation for PGT, with a critical appraisal of the technique’s efficacy including the role of vitrification.
Methods for biopsy and cell preparation via tubing including a description of pipettes, media and equipment will be discussed in detail. Demonstration of both techniques using video is included.

This course is part of the ‘Trophectoderm Biopsy and Cell Preparation for PGT’ Course. Participation in Part 1, the Virtual Course, is mandatory before enrolling in the Hands-on Course.

Course Objectives

  • To learn about the theory and practice of trophectoderm biopsy and cell preparation for the introduction of PGT to the clinical and laboratory setting
  • To learn about the role of vitrification in a PGT program
  • To learn about the introduction of this technique into the clinical and laboratory setting
  • To learn how to validate, train and maintain consistent outcomes

Target Audience

Lab technicians, clinical embryologists, and research scientists

Educational needs and expected outcomes

The course aims to discuss

  • an insight in Reproductive Genetics
  • knowledge on the technical aspects of the trophectoderm biopsy and cell preparation for PGT
  • an introduction to the micromanipulation equipment set-up, including choice of microtools and troubleshooting
  • knowledge of the role of vitrification in a PGT program
  • knowledge of setting up and maintaining quality in your biopsy project in your lab

Educational methods

Lectures, discussions, demonstrations

Minimal expertise required for participation in the Course

Lab technicians, clinical embryologists, research scientists with micromanipulation experience wishing to learn the basics of trophectoderm biopsy and cell preparation for PGT and/or improve their technique.

Minimal technology requirements for participation

The participant must have adequate WiFi, camera, and audio to engage during the course. Courses will be run via the Zoom platform.

Certificate of attendance

Participants obtain a certificate of attendance after attending all modules and completing the Course evaluation at the end of the Course.

What’s included

• Attendance to the modules, lectures, exercises, and Q&A sessions
• Syllabus of the Course.
• Certificate of attendance after attendance of all modules and after completion of the evaluation of the Course






EUR 200


September 5, 2023




Intermediate – expert


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