Skill Acquisition Programmes: Vitrification and Warming

Course Details

This training course is held at our Embryology Training School in Mumbai, India

Participants will receive a clear understanding of the principles of cryobiology of embryos with a step-by-step guide to vitrification. This will include description of various vitrification systems, cooling and warming protocols with SAGE/ Origio media and vitrification devices, tips on loading and improving survival rates along with the hands-on practice under expert guidance.

Course Objectives

  • To learn about the theory and principles of cryobiology
  • To learn about different vitrification systems, cooling & warming protocols
  • To know the tips on Loading and Improving outcomes of vitrification
  • To have hands-on practice in vitrification

Target Audience

Post graduates in biological sciences, clinical embryologists, research scientists with little or no vitrification experience wishing to learn the basics of the technique.

Educational needs and expected outcomes

The course aims to provide you with:

  • An insight into theory and principles of vitrification
  • Knowledge on the technical aspects, tips and various vitrification systems and protocols
  • Hands-on training – step by step – in Vitrification
  • Understanding on how to improve vitrification outcomes

Educational methods

  • Lectures
  • Discussions
  • Demonstration
  • Hands-on training

Minimal expertise required for participation in the Course

Each delegate should have some general embryology experience, it is advisable for participants to do background reading and ideally some in-house basic training on vitrification

Certificate of attendance

Participants obtain a certificate of attendance after attending all modules and completing the Course evaluation at the end of the Course.

What’s included

  • Attendance to lectures
  • Hands-on training
  • Syllabus of the Course.
  • Lunches and refreshments
  • Certificate of attendance

What’s not included

  • Transportation to and from the Mumbai Embryology School
  • Accommodation
  • Participants are advised to organise a personal travel insurance.





September 7, 2023






To register, email us at [email protected].

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