All about ICSI

All about ICSI

Course Details

  • Pre Course Self study module with self assessment questionnaire to be completed before Course
  • 1 live module of 90 minutes , 1 module of 75 minutes including lecturing and question taking
  • 1 Module of 60 minutes including troubleshooting, questioning, and answering

Course Description

This course will be a step-by-step guide to ICSI, with a critical appraisal of the technique’s efficacy. It will include a description of indications for ICSI, technical aspects of sperm preparation (including sperm from epididymis or testis), and preparation of oocytes before injection, oocyte, and sperm selection, as well as the injection itself. The set-up and optimization of the ICSI equipment and procedure will be discussed. The course will also focus on how to set up a training program and use KPIs to monitor the quality of the ICSI program.

This course is part of the ‘All about ICSI’ Course. Participation in Part 1, the Virtual Course, is mandatory before enrolling in the Hands-on Course.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the process of fertilization via ICSI and how it differs from in vivo fertilization
  • Learn about traditional and emerging indications for ICSI
  • Learn about the laboratory preparation for ICSI, from equipment to media and consumables.
  • Understand the role of sperm preparation in ICSI and learn about current and emerging sperm preparation techniques
  • Follow the ICSI process step by step
  • Follow the steps after the ICSI procedure and understand fertilization outcomes
  • Understand the factors that impact ICSI outcomes
  • Learn the importance of, and approaches to, real-time selection of the spermatozoon and the oocyte
  • Learn how to implement an ICSI training program and monitor KPIs
  • Look to the future of ICSI, including alternative techniques and automation
  • Get tips and tricks and troubleshooting.
  • Provide a forum to discuss best practices in ICSI

Target Audience

Lab technicians, clinical embryologists, and research scientists

Educational needs and expected outcomes

The course aims to discuss

  • Requirements for fertilization via ICSI
  • Which patients benefit from ICSI
  • Detailed overview of semen and surgically recovered sperm preparation techniques • Detailed overview of oocyte preparation
  • Detailed step by step ICSI procedure, including equipment set-up
  • Current and emerging sperm selection techniques
  • Current and emerging approaches to oocyte selection
  • The impact of a lab environment, consumables, and media on ICSI outcomes
  • The impact of the operator and ICSI technique on ICSI outcomes
  • ICSI training and competence
  • Error prevention by electronic witnessing
  • Monitoring ICSI KPIs
  • The future of ICSI

Educational methods

Lectures, discussions, quizzes, questions, and answering.

Minimal expertise required for participation in the Course

The participants should have general embryology/andrology experience and knowledge of micromanipulation.

Minimal technology requirements for participation

The participant must have adequate WiFi, camera, and audio to engage during the course. Courses will be run via the Zoom platform.

Certificate of attendance

Participants obtain a certificate of attendance after attending all modules and completing the Course evaluation at the end of the Course.

What’s included

• Attendance to the modules, lectures, exercises, and Q&A sessions
• Syllabus of the Course.
• Certificate of attendance after attendance of all modules and after completion of the evaluation of the Course






EUR 200


September 8, 2023






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